The Kennel Club responds to the Queen's speech

The Kennel Club, the UK’s largest organisation dedicated to dogs, is urging swift parliamentary action on the Government’s animal welfare commitments following the Queen’s Speech today (10 May).

Dr Ed Hayes, Head of Public Affairs at The Kennel Club, commented: “Action on animal welfare must sit high on the agenda during the next parliamentary session, following much delay. The Kept Animals Bill, for example, is a long-awaited piece of legislation that could help to address some crucial welfare issues, like pet theft and puppy smuggling, which cause much devastation and are on the rise due to increased pet ownership during the pandemic. Reform in this area has cross-party backing, as well as much support from the animal-loving British public, so we urge action without further delay.”

The delayed Kept Animals Bill, first outlined last summer, has been carried over to this parliamentary session and aims to deal with the low welfare movement of dogs and cats into the Great Britain, alongside livestock worrying, pet theft, and other animal welfare issues.

Dr Hayes added: “The Kennel Club has long campaigned on these issues, including for stronger measures to prevent pet theft and puppy smuggling, and they must be a priority for this parliament. We look forward to working closely with MPs to refine details, move proposals forward swiftly and deliver this Bill, for the sake of the nation’s dogs.

“We also welcome the opportunity to work with Government to ensure animal welfare legislation has the most benefit for dogs, and we hope that Defra listens more carefully to concerns around dog health when it comes to proposed restrictions on the age of puppy imports.”

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