Kennel Club 'Find a Rescue' returns

The Kennel Club has announced that the new Find a Rescue service is now available on The Kennel Club website, and apologises for the delay in relaunching this popular service, which has undergone detailed development.

The new Find a Rescue service includes the contact details of co-ordinators and area representatives for each breed rescue and an ‘about us’ section which will contain further information about each rescue and links to websites as supplied by the individual organisations.

The Kennel Club promotes the general improvement, health and wellbeing of all dogs through responsible breeding and ownership. As part of this objective, it plays an active role in rescue, bringing together the many breed-specific rescue organisations within the UK. The online Breed Rescue Directory provides initial points of contact for the many enquiries received about dog re-homing and rescue.

Said Bill Lambert, Health, Welfare and Breeder Services Executive; “Breed rescue organisations are operated by experts in specific and individual breeds who will have specialist knowledge about the type of environment and care the breed requires. The primary aim of any rescue organisation is to find a permanent, loving home for a dog in need. By using their specialist knowledge, breed experts can assist and advise prospective owners about whether the breed that they are seeking is the right match for them and will fit into their lifestyle, providing a greater chance of a happily ever after.

"Some rescue dogs may have been uprooted from a loving family due to misfortune. Some may have been abused or neglected and will need a lot of patience and care to recover from any trauma they may have already experienced in their short lives. Therefore, a potential owner can expect the rescue organisation to undertake careful checks to ensure that the home being offered suits the particular needs of the dog.

"Providing a home to a rescued dog can be challenging, but it is also very rewarding to offer a fresh start and a happy life to a dog in need. Breed rescue organisations will work with new owners to advise where possible on the background of the dog concerned and any associated behavioural traits, ensuring that the dog’s long-term future will be secure.”