Newly-crowned Jaguar wins Kennel Club HPR Championship 2021

Jaguar du Domaine Saint Hubert at Bryantscroft, a seven-year-old Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla from Horncastle, Lincolnshire has won The Kennel Club’s Hunt, Point and Retrieve (HPR) Championship 2021, thereby claiming his Field Trial Champion title. Sponsored by Skinner's Pet Foods Field & Trial, the event was held on the North Yorkshire Moors.

The spectacular moorland was the ideal setting for the 15 dogs and handlers to demonstrate their hunting skills and the range of game available really tested the qualified dogs. Every dog was given opportunity to show itself to its best and having the opportunity to run on such special ground was a true privilege.

Jaguar, known at home as Jago and owned and handled by Rory Major, was awarded first place at the competition which saw talented working gundogs from HPR breeds tested on their natural working ability. The judges were Mick Canham and Steve Kimberley.

Rory said: “It was a great honour to win the HPR Championship on such an amazing ground. We were very well looked after by head keeper Jimmy Brough and his under-keepers, who also shot brilliantly at the event. Jago is a wonderful dog and partner, who gave his all to take us through to victory. I would also like to say thank you to The Kennel Club for organising such a magnificent Championship.”

Kennel Club Field Trial Secretary, Kate Broers, added: “The Championship was a great success and thanks must go to all who were involved in the planning, preparation and running of the event. Headkeeper Jimmy Brough and his keepering team prepared the ground wonderfully and the keeper gun team shot extremely well over the dogs. Thank you to them all.

“Thank you must also go to the judges Mr Mick Canham and Mr Steve Kimberley for their time and expertise when judging the dogs. They handled the two days with patience, understanding and skill.

“Thanks also to our sponsors, Skinner’s Field & Trial. Skinner's give an awful lot to the world of working dogs and their representatives are passionate about providing the best nutrition for our gundog needs. They are always appreciated and we would not be able to run these events without their generous support.

“Huge congratulations to all the winning dogs and handlers and especially to Rory and Jago.”

The results of the Kennel Club HPR Championship are as follows:
  • 1st – Mr SRC Major, Jaguar du Domaine Saint Hubert at Bryantscroft, Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla dog
  • 4th – Mr C Grewcock, Eleppas New Moon, German Wirehaired Pointer
Diploma of Merit was awarded to:
  • Mrs M Nixon, Quintana Quixotic, German Shorthaired Pointer
Gun’s Choice was awarded to:
  • Mr P Howard, Tickencote A Night Like This, German Wirehaired Pointer
For more information on working gundogs, please visit The Kennel Club website.