Young Kennel Club calls for young dog walkers to mark up the miles

The Young Kennel Club has today launched a four week challenge for young dog owners looking to keep fit and active during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Taking place between 18 January and 12 February, the Dog Walk Challenge is calling on members of the Young Kennel Club to make the most of their daily exercise (within the Government guidelines relevant to their region) whilst getting outside with their four-legged friend. The challenge involves walking short distances each day to ultimately total either 5 or 10 miles in their local area, depending on their age group. Those between 6-13 years old are asked to walk five miles across the four weeks, whilst dog owners between 14 - 24 years old are challenged to walk 10 miles.

Once completed, not only will the competitors receive a Young Kennel Club Dog Walk Challenge certificate, they will also be entered into a draw to win either a free place at Young Kennel Club camp in 2021, or a Fitbit and £100 Argos voucher.

In order to comply with the current Government advice, the distance should be accumulated over the course of short walks that are within their local area and The Kennel Club recommends all those taking part and their parents regularly check the latest Government advice across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to assess their own situation, safety and ability to take part, and to ensure all Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions are followed.

Ben Ashcroft, Young Kennel Club Chairman, said: “We are delighted to launch the Dog Walk Challenge to keep our members engaged with an important aspect of responsible ownership, which is fun at the same time. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of change and sadly many of our members’ events, that we all look forward to, have had to be postponed or even cancelled as a result. This initiative however is something everyone can safely do together, while being apart.”

For more details on taking part in the Young Kennel Club Dog Walk Challenge or how to join please visit the Young Kennel Club website.