The Kennel Club statement: Travel arrangements between Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Those travelling from Great Britain with dogs need to follow new rules in order to travel to the EU and Northern Ireland. It is important to note that British pet passports are not valid for travel to these destinations and a new animal health certificate is instead required for each journey. For dog owners in Northern Ireland new rules apply to travel from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, while rules regarding travel between Northern Ireland and the EU remained unchanged and existing pet passports will need to be updated prior to travel.

Furthermore, it should be noted that dogs now need a rabies vaccination, tapeworm treatment and the correct documentation to travel with their owners to Northern Ireland from mainland Britain, for the first ever time. This is disappointing and will make travelling with dogs to Northern Ireland – or returning to Northern Ireland after coming to Great Britain – much more difficult for pet owners and those involved in canine activities. We are also concerned over the impact of these new rules on the ability for Northern Ireland residents to responsibly source puppies, as the new travel rules will make it illegal to transport a puppy from Great Britain to Northern Ireland until they’re at least 15 weeks old.

This is despite Government stating that there would be ‘no significant changes to travel between Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ up until a few weeks ago. We will certainly be in contact with Government over the coming weeks to see what can be done to make the impact of these changes as minimal as possible for dog owners travelling throughout these islands.

Dog owners are advised to familiarise themselves with the new rules long before travel and there is further advice and clarification on our Brexit page.