New Rally Warrant award available

Whilst it is acknowledged that licensed events are unable to go ahead at the moment, The Kennel Club is pleased to announce the introduction of the Rally Warrant (RW). It is hoped that the introduction of this new award will encourage new competitors into the discipline, as well as encourage existing competitors to work at every level.

The title ‘RW’ may be used after the name of the dog in competition entries and also in catalogues. The RW title will replace the RL6.Ex after the dog’s name.

Those wishing to apply for the Rally Warrant title for their dog will be required to obtain the following:

  • A Rally title at all levels
  • A Rally Level 6 Excellent title
  • An additional three excellent scores at Level 6, which must be gained after 1 January 2021

For more information as well as an online application form to claim the Rally Warrant award, please visit the Rally section of our website.

Please direct any queries to the Rally inbox.