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Competing in rally is fun for both you and your dog. Shows are held all over the country for each level, giving you the opportunity to compete regularly and meet like-minded people. 

When competing at an event licensed by The Kennel Club, competitors should ensure that their dog is registered correctly and have a good understanding of the Rally S Regulations.

Rally competitions

There are numerous rally competitions held annually by The Kennel Club's societies. Use Find a Show to search for events near you.

Rally at Crufts

Rally working party

The rally working party acts as a channel of communication between The Kennel Club and those who compete in rally. The working party has been set up to represent grassroots opinion within The Kennel Club, and to promote a better understanding among competitors of how we function.

What is the rally working party?

The rally working party is made up of seven representatives from the discipline to act as a channel of communication between rally clubs, competitors, and The Kennel Club. 

The working party will play an essential role in reviewing the regulations for licensed rally competitions and to advise The Kennel Club on any regulation changes that may be needed.

Rally working party - summary of recommendations
Recommendations by the working party will be submitted to the activities committee and then the board. All approved regulations will be effective from January 1 of the following year. If you wish to obtain a copy of older summary of recommendations, please email your request to The Kennel Club.
Rally working party members
Name and email address  Phone number

Mrs R Bradley

01527 591 519

Ms R Collier


Mrs C Coughlan-Khan

07482 658 258

Ms J Prince

01785 841 145

Mrs M Wells

01380 860 779

Ms F Williams

Ms A Nash 07866 435 303

Next steps - judging

Once you've had some experience competing, you may feel ready to consider becoming a judge. Learn more about judging rally.