The Kennel Club to allow 2021 breed club championship shows to be carried forward to 2022

Shows carried forward must be a partnership event

In its latest move designed to assist clubs and societies during the ongoing pandemic, The Kennel Club Board, following a recommendation from the Show Executive Committee, has agreed that any carry over of 2021 CCs by breed clubs to 2022 must be scheduled as a partnership show with the breed club either holding two championship shows on one day or one standalone championship show and the second championship show as a partnership event. In the case of the latter, the show must be held either with its own open show or preferably with a general or group championship show or another breed club.

Further to this, it has been agreed that any breed club which is on rotation and entitled to a set of CCs in 2021 and is unable to hold its championship show can make use of the CCs in 2022 within the same policy.

The management of the show diary for this year and next is challenging due to cancellations, postponements and some breed clubs deciding to hold two championship shows in one year. Whilst we are doing everything we can to agree to requests to change dates, in some instances there are just not enough individual dates available.

To mitigate this situation it has been agreed that where a breed club has had to postpone its 2021 championship show to 2022 this show must be held as a partnership show, so as not to take up an additional date in the diary. To schedule postponed 2020 and 2021 championship shows to 2022 would again compromise the number of available dates in 2022 and therefore it was agreed that the 2020 set of CCs would be cancelled.

Kathryn Mansfield, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “The management of the show diary is key to providing exhibitors with as much variety of shows to attend and to as far as possible ensure each club and show society has a reasonable opportunity to gain a good entry. However, with breed club championship shows being moved from one year to the next and then having to be postponed again, this compromises the number of available show dates particularly towards the end of this year and for next year.

“Therefore it is regretted that some conditions have had to be attached to breed clubs holding over their 2021 championship to next year and having to refuse requests for clubs to schedule three championship shows in 2022. We are striving to satisfy as many show date changes as possible and are only sorry that not all can be approved.”

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