Assisting societies during the pandemic: Relaxation and suspension of necessary F regulations extended to the end of 2021

25-mile radius for breed club championship shows held on All-Breed Championship Show dates now also relaxed

The Kennel Club and its committees across all disciplines are working hard to find solutions to assist societies during the ongoing pandemic, and in view of this the Board has now agreed to extend the period of relaxation/suspension of the following F regulations from 31 July 2021 to the end of 2021, following a recommendation from the Show Executive Committee:

‘(1) Group and general championship shows:- A board within the ring on which the awards must be clearly displayed after each class, as soon as determined by the judge. (2) Breed club championship shows, open and limited shows: - An area for the display of awards’

Regulation F4.a – relaxed to allow for capping of entries
‘Championship shows-which are open to all exhibitors (except where a qualification for entry has been approved by the Board of The Kennel Club) and at which Kennel Club Challenge Certificates are offered. (vide Kennel Club Show Regulation F(1))’

Regulation F4.b – relaxed to allow for capping of entries
‘Open shows-which are open to all exhibitors. (vide Kennel Club Show Regulation F(1)’

F(1)6.a – relaxed to allow digital award cards
‘There shall be at least 4 awards including reserve on offer in every class. Printed awards must be given and, may indicate the name of the society, the type and date of the show, the nature of the award and the name of any commercial firms donating the awards.’

In addition to the extension of the period of relaxation/suspension of the above F regulations, The Kennel Club has also agreed to relax until the end of 2021 the policy which under normal circumstances prevents breed club championship shows being held on the same weekend as an All-Breed championship show unless within 25 miles of the venue. Please see the FAQs on The Kennel Club website.

Kathryn Mansfield, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “The Kennel Club recognises just how many challenges are currently being faced by societies attempting to plan and hold events safely during the pandemic. For this reason, we have extended the period of relaxation/suspension of a number of regulations until the end of 2021. We will of course continue to monitor Government guidelines and make adjustments to our policies and regulations where necessary to continue to help our registered clubs and societies across all activities.

“Further to this, we have now relaxed the 25-mile radius policy for breed club championship shows held over the same weekend as an All-Breed championship show, thus opening up options for societies struggling to cope with an already disrupted calendar. We do hope that these measures will go some way towards assisting societies during what has turned out to be a very challenging period for all of us involved in the competitive dog world.”

Find out more on the latest Kennel Club advice and guidance regarding licensed events, including details of suspended/relaxed regulations across all canine disciplines.

Please direct all enquiries about the relaxed/suspended F regulations referenced in this announcement to Breed Shows (The Kennel Club). Any queries relating to show dates should be sent to Society and Show Services (The Kennel Club).