Open Show Winner (OSW) title moves to end of dog’s name

The Kennel Club Board has approved a proposal from the Show Executive Committee that the Open Show Winner (OSW) title be repositioned at the end of a dog’s name rather than at the beginning.

The OSW award was introduced by The Kennel Club at the start of 2019 among a series of measures designed to improve the open show scene and recognise exhibitors’ achievements. Other measures introduced have included the Show Certificate of Excellence (ShCEx) and Veteran Warrant awards as well as breed supported entry classes.

The OSW title is a special award given only to dogs which have won both the Junior Warrant (JW) title and the Show Certificate of Excellence (ShCEx) award. The owner does not need to apply for the OSW certificate as it is sent to them automatically by The Kennel Club once the two qualifying titles have been successfully claimed.

Kathryn Mansfield, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “Previously the OSW title was positioned at the front of a dog’s name, but a recommendation which came via the Shows Liaison Council felt that this had the potential to detract from champion titles, which are always listed first. That is not to suggest that the OSW is not a worthwhile award in its own right. We are looking forward to seeing a lot more winners of the OSW once the show scene is up and running again.”
There are Open Show Winner FAQ on The Kennel Club website. All enquiries should be directed via email.