The Kennel Club answers most pup-ular questions hounding dog owners during the pandemic

Questionable dietary choices, excessive licking and staring competitions are just some behaviours that have been puzzling puppy owners over lockdown

With the pandemic bringing with it an influx of first-time dog owners, The Kennel Club has analysed data from the top ten questions asked by those hoping to understand their four-legged friend’s behaviour.

The dog welfare organisation tracked Google search trends during the pandemic puppy boom and found a nation of owners baffled by their dog’s behaviours, looking for reassurance on canine habits and seeking answers to age-old questions relating to man’s best friend.

With the demand alone for puppies increasing by 187 per cent during the first lockdown in 2020 -according to the organisation’s Find a Puppy tool - The Kennel Club wants to reassure and guide those who may be worried, curious or fascinated about what they perceive to be an unusual habit, which could turn out to have a surprising reason behind it.

Bill Lambert, spokesperson for The Kennel Club, said: “We all want reassurance that our pets are as happy and healthy as they can be, and this is highlighted by what the nation’s dog lovers are searching. Whilst there have been many people becoming dog owners for the first time this year, there are also many long-term dog owners who are continuing to learn the behaviours and needs of their pet. As such, The Kennel Club, is here to help all dog owners, guiding them through every step of their pets’ lives, and to provide reassurance for the unexpected.”

Topping the list of searches from January – December 2020 is ‘Why does my dog eat grass’, an age-old question that is often associated with a dog feeling sick. Whilst this is one potential motive, and owners should always consult their vet if their dog appears unwell, The Kennel Club has outlined a host of other reasons that are causing your dog to graze on your grass, including boredom, or simply enjoying the taste!

The second most-searched question is “Why does my dog stare at me”, a very common question that owners have, with reasons varying from quizzical, need or just affection!

The third question that prompted dog owners to turn to Google during the pandemic was ‘Why does my dog shake’. Dog experts at The Kennel Club suggest there are a number of reasons, which can be divided into three main categories: behavioural, as a response to their environment or medical.

The top ten most-searched questions in 2020 according to Google search trends are:
  1. Why does my dog eat grass?
  2. Why does my dog stare at me?
  3. Why does my dog shake?
  4. Why does my dog eat poo?
  5. Why does my dog follow me everywhere?
  6. Why does my dog lick me?
  7. Why does my dog lick me so much?
  8. Why does my dog lick my feet?
  9. Why does my dog keep sneezing?
  10. Why does my dog smell like fish?

Whether you have already entered these search terms into Google or are just wondering why dogs behave in a certain way, The Kennel Club has further information for those seeking answers to these questions on the 'why does my dog?' hub on The Kennel Club website.