Statement from the Activities Health and Welfare Sub-Group

Despite Covid-19 effectively restricting many aspects of the canine activity world, the Activities Health and Welfare Sub-Group (AHWSG) remains committed to ensuring a cohesive and consistent approach to ensuring the implementation of best-practice for canine health and welfare in Kennel Club activities and disciplines. The sub-group continues to identify and consider areas within canine activities that deserve investigation.

While some activity-related research is ongoing at the moment, the AHWSG encourages interested parties to suggest specific areas of interest that could be considered from a canine activity health perspective. In the first instance, such areas can be relayed to the relevant committee, liaison council or working party and the activity/discipline representative can then present the subject at the next AHWSG meeting for consideration.

Dr Jacqueline Boyd, Chair of AHWSG, said: “Despite significant disruption to global canine events during the pandemic, health and welfare work and consideration continues. Now might be a perfect time to 'take stock' and consider if there are specific areas that merit research consideration from a health and welfare perspective. I'd urge anyone with such ideas to contact their relevant activity representative.”

Enquiries regarding canine activities should be directed to  Working Dog Activities (The Kennel Club)