Ballot counting services for Kennel Club registered societies

The Kennel Club has previously offered a ballot counting service to registered societies, to assist with elections of committee, officers, judges and so on. Under the current circumstances we are aware that many societies would like to be able to conduct ballots, but do not have the resources, and furthermore the Kennel Club has been unable to offer the usual postal ballot counting service, due to office closure and the consequent effect on processing of post.

We are therefore delighted to announce that we have made arrangements with Mi-Voice, the company which runs election / balloting processes in conjunction with Kennel Club General Meetings, to offer a range of services to registered societies. This will enable either fully electronic, or part electronic and part postal submissions, and will ensure complete confidentiality for the user.

Kathryn Mansfield, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “The Kennel Club very much hopes that registered societies will be able to make good use of this service if they need to. This period of lockdown is a very testing time for all of us, but the Kennel Club is doing its best to assist clubs and societies where it is able. For example, we have developed operational plans for licensed events, relaxed show regulations, created a number of FAQ documents on our website and extended annual return deadlines. The Board is continuing to meet on a regular basis throughout the current pandemic, as are all its associated committees, and a number of additional measures will also be announced in the coming weeks as we strive to assist societies as best we can during this uncertain time.”

Mi-Voice are able to offer a response handling and ballot count service to Kennel Club registered societies. Ballot papers can be returned to Mi-Voice by post, where the experienced elections team will process responses, conduct a count and provide a result report. These are the same services previously offered by the Kennel Club, and would be provided at the same rate as the existing pricing structure.

In addition, Mi-Voice can assist with distributing voting information by post and/or email, create an online voting site for elections, and even take votes over the telephone. These Mi-Voice services will be familiar to members who participate in the Kennel Club AGM and SGM process.

If a conversation is of interest please contact Mi-Voice by email at or telephone 02380 763 987.