The Kennel Club welcomes Cornwall Council's dog-friendly move

The Kennel Club has welcomed the recent announcement by Cornwall Council that complex restrictions on dog walker access to its beaches will be overhauled this summer, following a wide-ranging consultation.

The new rules simplify and reduce the restrictions placed on dogs on beaches in Cornwall by only excluding dog walkers at certain times during the summer months. This is an improvement on the previous system of a mix of restrictive and proportionate restrictions on when dogs can be on beaches.

The relaxation of previous beach bans in Cornwall has increased access to essential walking sites throughout the year. Additionally, the synchronisation of restrictions reduces confusion for locals and tourists alike.

Holly Conway, Head of Public Affairs at the Kennel Club said: “We commend Cornwall Council for this refreshing example of a PSPO that takes into account the importance of beach access for dog owners to provide their dogs with the exercise and stimulation they need.

“We wish to thank all of the dog lovers who responded to the petition, making it the council’s largest ever consultation response with over 13,000 replies. As ever, impassioned responses like this from the dog owning community are crucial in ensuring that proposed PSPOs are sensitive to the unique needs of the dog owning community.”