Additional accredited trainers for working trials needed for Judges' Education Programme

© Barrie James, The Kennel Club

The Kennel Club is calling for anyone interested in becoming a working trials accredited trainer for the Judges’ Education Programme to get in touch.

This Judges’ Education Programme (Working Trials) has been developed over a period of time and follows the requirements already in place for those involved in judging other canine activities. It underlines The Kennel Club’s commitment to maintaining and improving the standard of judges and judging at official Kennel Club licensed events and, in so doing, ensures the quality of dogs and the value of awards they receive at these events.

As part of the education programme, The Kennel Club has a number of accredited trainers for each discipline, who are responsible for delivering each seminar and conducting the examination. All of the accredited trainers are established judges of long standing and have attended training and assessment sessions prior to their appointment in order to prove their own knowledge and competence in delivering the seminar syllabus. There is a good geographical spread of trainers to ensure that each area of the country is covered to minimise distances for those attending seminars.

The Kennel Club is now inviting applications from interested parties who would like to be considered for the position of working trial accredited trainer for TD or PD, particularly in the southern regions.

Any candidates interested in applying need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have previously qualified a dog TDEx and/or PDEx
  • Have previously been approved to be a Championship TD or PD judge and are actively judging
  • Have previously attended and passed Kennel Club Working Trials Rules and Regulations Examination and attended practical working trials seminar TD and/or PD
  • Willing to travel to deliver seminars and assessment of other judges
  • Good presentation and teaching skills and ability both in person and on line

Those interested should send their applications to the Working Dog Activities Team at email by Friday 8 January 2021.