Show Gundog Working Certificate: ‘SGWC’ can now be used on entry forms and in show catalogues

The Kennel Club has recently approved the following change to the J Regulations in relation to the Show Gundog Working Certificate.

The below regulation has been amended as it has not previously been permissible to use the letters ‘SGWC’ as part of a dog’s name. However, it has been acknowledged that a dog’s ability to perform its original purpose should be reflected, and agreed that owners should be encouraged to undertake this assessment with their dogs. This regulation came into effect as of 1 July 2020.

Amendment to Regulation J(F)1


The Show Gundog Working Certificate is not a qualification in itself, however, when awarded it enables the ‘Sh’ to be removed from the title of ‘Show Champion’ and the letters SGWC may be used after the dog’s name on entry forms and in show catalogues.  In no circumstances can the letters SGWC be placed after a dog’s name.

(Insertion underlined. Deletion struck through)