Importance of checking eligibility before entering a show

Following a series of recent disqualifications from awards, which are disappointing for everyone concerned, the Kennel Club would like to remind exhibitors of the importance of checking their dog’s eligibility for classes before submitting an entry for a show.

The Kennel Club would particularly like to draw to the attention of exhibitors the importance of understanding that overseas awards which count towards an overseas champion title (CAC, CACIB, Green Star etc) are the equivalent of a CC in the UK. Likewise, Reserve CACs etc are the equivalent of a Reserve CC. These awards should be taken into account when looking at eligibility and entering shows in the UK.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “Nothing could be more disappointing for an exhibitor than to win an award and then have it disqualified due to ineligibility. Sad to say, we have seen a number of such incidents recently, including at prestigious events such as Crufts, which must be heartbreaking especially where huge distances have been travelled in order to compete.

“Equally, it is not fair on those exhibits who are eligible for a class to have their moment of glory denied to them by being beaten by a dog which is subsequently disqualified, so we would urge exhibitors to read the schedule very carefully. If in doubt, please contact the Kennel Club for advice or enter the dog in the open class which, by definition, is open to all.”

Any queries regarding this matter can be directed to our breed shows email address.