A11 disciplinary case – Ms K McLoughlin

At its meeting on 28th February 2018, the Kennel Club Disciplinary Committee considered a complaint brought by the Kennel Club under Rule A11 a (1) (b) against Ms K McLoughlin; namely that she behaved discreditably and prejudicially to the interests of the canine world with threatening and verbal abuse towards another exhibitor at the Northumberland and Durham Collie Club Open Show on 21st October 2017.

The complaint is upheld and the committee imposed the following penalties:


To warn her as to her future conduct

A11 j (1)


To censure her

A11 j (2)


To fine her the sum of £100

A11 j (3)




The above listed penalties are to be in effect from 28th February 2018.

The committee, following the impositions of these penalties, would draw the attention of the respondent to the effect of Rule A11 sub-sections l.

The committee noted that Ms McLoughlin has not expressed any contrition for her actions.

The Kennel Club’s position on conduct at Kennel Club licensed events and on social media conduct and interaction is clear. The committee considered this case only on facts relevant to the incident at the Kennel Club licensed event, but the committee noted the context in which it occurred.