Kennel Club celebrates successful International Agility Festival

Record number of dogs compete at the world’s largest agility festival

The Kennel Club International Agility Festival took place at Rockingham Castle over the weekend with over 3,200 dogs from all over the world competing at all levels of experience in agility.

The festival, which is kindly supported by CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, welcomed all dogs from Chihuahuas to Dalmatians, and competitors from 13 different countries as far flung as Japan.

Competitions included the Championship classes, where top graded dogs competed to qualify for the Agility Championships held annually at Crufts, and a special international class enabled handlers to qualify for the British Open Final, which is also held at Crufts. The quarter and semi-finals of the Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes saw handlers secure a place for the prestigious competition held at Olympia in December, and semi-finals for the Starters Cup gave dogs new to agility the opportunity to qualify for the final held at Discover Dogs London this October.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: “We are very pleased that the International Agility Festival was such a huge success, and it was great to see so many dogs and their handlers from all over the world competing in one place.

“The festival is a big highlight of the agility calendar and we wanted to say thank you to everyone who made it a fun and enjoyable event for those attending, especially those who travelled hundreds of miles to compete and judge. Well done to all our wonderful winners, we hope that they are proud of their achievements over the weekend.”

Ceri Rundle, Managing Director of CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, said: “Huge congratulations to all the winners and competitors at the Kennel Club International Agility Festival 2018. Each year we are really impressed by the passion, dedication and calibre of competitors, and this year was no exception.

“The festival is an excellent event for all dog and agility lovers, and this was definitely reflected in the record breaking number of dogs we had competing over the four days. CSJ are proud to sponsor the festival and we wanted to say a huge thank you to the organisers, handlers, dogs and visitors who helped make this year’s festival such an entertaining and friendly event.”

The top three placings in each of the main competitions at the festival were as follows:

The Kennel Club Special International Final

Large Special International Final

  • 1st – Carola Derst and Macy Von Waltenweiler
  • 2nd – Naomi Kameda and and Swany Diesel
  • 3rd – Katsuhiko Kameda and and Driven Diesel of Merry Legs

Medium Special International Final

  • 1st – Justine Baudhuin and Cavalrina's Zola Zandora
  • 2nd – Elisenda Huidobro and Ribaand Drac De Sant Jordi
  • 3rd – Diane Quonils and Opium Black of The Four Bee's

Small Special International Final

  • 1st – Julio Freire and Asmoan Email
  • 2nd – Lizandra Ströhle and Louisiana Vom Karntnerland
  • 3rd – Descamps Nico and Roos V Den Dullaerthoeve

Kennel Club Agility Championships

Large Agility Championships

  • 1st – Lee Gibson and Never Never Land F'Hawk
  • 2nd – Dave Munnings and Ag Ch Comebyanaway Reddy For Fame
  • 3rd – Marita Davies and Lalapaws Taken By Surprise

Medium Agility Championships

  • 1st – Christine Hicks and Uphill Flyer
  • 2nd – Gilli Sayer and Morgansr Chance Find
  • 3rd – Apryl Britton and Belsharose Quintessia

Small Agility Championships

  • 1st – Bonny Quick and Ag Ch Goldheart Trail of Flames
  • 2nd – Sarah McLean and Milo’d of Mischief
  • 3rd – Lorna Goodban and Tweet Like Choklat

Starters Cup Semi-Final (Discover Dogs qualifier)

Large Kennel Club Starters Cup Semi-Final
  • 1st – Sue Kewley and Clomarah Buddleia
  • 2nd – Katie Fox and Jess for the fun of it
  • 3rd – Alison Trotman and Malmelsa Romancing Marcello
Medium Kennel Club Starters Cup Semi-Final
  • 1st – Will Rayner and and Edison Air so Cool
  • 2nd – Donna Wardle and Flyby Choccywoccydoodah
  • 3rd – Elizabeth Green and and Riley William

Small Kennel Club Starters Cup Semi-Final 
  • 1st – Simone Southwart and Forever Effervescent
  • 2nd – Claire Perrinand and Jazzy Jeff Summertime
  • 3rd – Lorna Whiteand and Legend Of Zelda
Novice Cup Semi-Final (Crufts qualifier) 

Large Kennel Club Novice Cup Semi-Final
  • 1st – Jo Nashand and This is what Lu came for
  • 2nd – Sarah Woodley and Basileas Yabba Dabba Doo
  • 3rd – Sarah Kitching and Rooqui Raging Racer

Medium Kennel Club Novice Cup Semi-Final

  • 1st – Toni Dawkins and Bachero Cross My Heart
  • 2nd – James Adams and Devongem Tiz Gold Standard
  • 3rd – Louise Godwin and Hainans Dollor Girl
Small Kennel Club Novice Cup Semi-Final
  • 1st – Michèle Taffijn-du Bois and and Total Touch Don't Stop me Now
  • 2nd – Jayne Anderson and Tottlefields Totally Tipsy
  • 3rd – Emma Frost and Skippy Kipph

Kennel Club International Young Handler Final

International Young Handler (under 12)

  • 1st – Imogen White and Kethinna Take My Breath Away
  • 2nd – Taylor Lyon and and Rohamki Taylor Made
  • 3rd – Taylor Lyon and Tynever Tariq

International Young Handler (12 and over)

  • 1st – Sara Bacon and Tynevermoor Torque
  • 2nd – Emilia Bowers and Fandabidozi Star Ting
  • 3rd – Belle Howlett and Leia's Queen of Naboo at Bonbellami

Kennel Club British Open Semi-Final (Crufts qualifiers) 

Large Kennel Club British Open Semi-Final

  • 1st – Martin Reid and Ag Ch Borderpaws Secret Surprise 
  • 2nd – Dalton Meredith and Fandabidozi Star Light
  • 3rd – Anthony Clarkeand Rujaff Fatel Protest

Medium Kennel Club British Open Semi-Final

  • 1st – Hayley Telling and New Illusions Bi Enchantment Of The Five Colors
  • 2nd – Heather McLean and Black Magic Navigator
  • 3rd – James Brown and Up an atom

Small Kennel Club British Open Semi-Final

  • 1st – Alan Bray and Devongem Fire Starter at Upanovatigers
  • 2nd – Sarah McLean and Milo'd of Mischief
  • 3rd – Rachel Ward and Pretty Dear AW(G)

Kennel Club Nations Cup

Large Kennel Club Nations Cup

  • 1st – Spain 3 -Alex Sabini and I'mind De Loustalaire Des Bourdalats, Miriam Garcia and Beauty Happy Dreamy, Xavier Lopez and Troya De Santa Quiteria
  • 2nd – Belgium - Ingrid Donny and Kissmo NIce As Can Be, Dayna Michiels and Noah Precious Diamond, Chris Grauls and Silque Odin son of Kaigo
  • 3rd – Netherlands - Leanne Loef   Loxley, Robin Wormhoudt and Qi, Mirjam Suijlen-Boons        and Borderwell Just Jamie

Medium Kennel Club Nations Cup

  • 1st – Germany 2 - Susanne Bonk and Keeper Barney, Susanne Bonk and Brave Fynn, Ralf Lackmann and Mandurah Black Pearl
  • 2nd – England 1 - Harriet Harding and Little Miss Iz, Robin Gretenkort and Heikym Quitzel, Shannon Springford and Ag Ch Shansdream a gift of love
  • 3rd – Germany - Marina Huber and Alice of Wolfanger, Robin Pottrick and My Magic Two Fast Four You, Viola Fasching and Calabanga von den wilden Kehrlen

Small Kennel Club Nations Cup

  • 1st – Germany - Jessika Frank and Fjolla vom Schafhuegel, Tanja Gube and Arctic Snowcrystal Maple Leaf, Ivonne Höhne and Hermine The Best
  • 2nd – England 1 - Abby Blythe and Smarties are ablast AW(G), Rachel Ward and Blazecroft Midnight Akemi AW(S), Jodie Forbes and Mongrubah Bramble Ruby
  • 3rd – Belgium - Ingele Meulenbergs and New sense of love of the four bee's, Descamps Nico and Roos V Den Dullaerthoeve, Clara van leeuwen and tattoo jewel

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