Kennel Club Introduces Online Form to Add Kennel Names

The Kennel Club has now made it easier for owners wishing to add their Kennel Name to a dog’s existing pedigree papers by launching an online application form on the Kennel Club website.

The new online version of ‘Form 8’ means that Kennel Club customers now have two options when requesting to add a Kennel Name to a dog’s registered name; apply online or send an application form in the post. It is believed a lot of people will find the new application and payment system much quicker and more convenient.

All submissions will still be checked manually by the Kennel Club for errors or invalid words before approval. The person applying for an addition to a dog’s Kennel Name must be the registered owner before ‘Form 8’ can be submitted. Any new owners will need to complete the Change of Ownership process before they can apply to add a Kennel Name.

Add a Kennel Name to your dog’s registered name.