Kennel Club Announces Qualification Procedure For Agility Team GB

The Kennel Club has released the 2017 squad qualification process for handlers and dogs wishing to be considered for a place on Agility Team GB at the 2017 European Open and the FCI World Championships.

All handlers and dogs are required to gain credits by winning classes at prestigious Kennel Club competitions and to demonstrate consistency over a prolonged period, a wide variety of courses, judges, environments and pressurised competitions. The qualification dates for 2016 will now run between 25th March and 11th September 2016.

To be considered for Agility Team GB, the following criteria apply:

  • Dogs can gain qualifying credits from Kennel Club Prestige Events between 25th March and 11th September 2016.
  • Handlers will need to record their achievements which qualify for credits, and submit them to the Working Dog Activities Team via¬†email, within one month of the achievement.
  • The dogs with the highest recorded credits from the qualification period will be invited to join the 2017 squad.
  • Teams will be selected from the squad at a Performance Weekend in April 2017 hosted by Lincoln Agility Enthusiasts at Lincoln Showground.
  • The selected teams will compete at the European Open Championships and the FCI World Championships.

Achievements should be submitted via email to the Working Dog Activities Team and must contain the following information:

  • Dog's Kennel Club registered name and height category
  • Handler's name
  • Competition name, date and location
  • Class name
  • Judge's name