Young Kennel Club Offers Volunteering Opportunities To Senior Members

The Young Kennel Club (YKC) is offering volunteering opportunities to senior members, with a broad range of events over the course of the year.

YKC members aged 16-24 years will have the opportunity to try something different and learn new skills, meet people and make new friendships.

The list of volunteer opportunities for senior members includes:

Exton Fun Day - Monday 30th May in Exton, Rutland

Exton Fun Day is in its fourth year, raising funds for the village church. They are looking for any YKC trainers/handlers who would be interested in showing their skills and training at the charity day in the village.

Basingstoke & District Obedience Show - Saturday 4th June at the War Memorial Park, Basingstoke

Volunteers are being offered an opportunity to learn about running a show and helping with the physical aspects. Volunteers will be well looked after and given a certificate of attendance. Anyone helping will also be able to work their dog if they wish.

Countryfile Live - Kennel Club Stand - Thursday 4th August - Sunday 7th August at Blenheim Place, Oxford

The Kennel Club is looking for committed YKC volunteers who will be great ambassadors for dogs and can talk to visitors on the stand, advising them on the activities that they can do with their dogs and promoting the YKC organisation as there will be many families attending. The three day event will also be filmed as the event is in conjunction with the BBC Countryfile programme. Volunteers will be provided with lunch and refreshments and help towards travel costs. 

The United Retriever Club - Wednesday 17th August (championship show) in Malvern and Wednesday 26th October (open show) in Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry

The United Retriever Club runs three shows a year - one championship show and two open shows - and they would very much like to offer the chance for future committee members, judges etc to gain some experience with what is involved in running shows. They would be happy to accommodate a few enthusiastic youngsters per show either in a particular role or gaining experience across a range of roles, from ring runners, stewarding, to shadowing the show manager, chief steward, secretary etc. The one stipulation made by the committee was that no time should be taken off from school.

Crufts Ring Party & YKC Promotion - Thursday 9th - Sunday 12th March 2017 at the NEC in Birmingham

The YKC has its own ring at Crufts and would like to invite senior members to run the ring over the four days. This is a great responsibility and gives experience of stewarding at shows, dealing with judges, competitors and the general public and a chance to learn about the organisation and running of a large dog show. The YKC always needs keen, enthusiastic volunteers to help promote the club, speaking to the general public and potential new members, and is perfect for those passionate about the YKC.

To register an interest in volunteering, please complete the form on the YKC website. On receipt of the form, the YKC team will pass on your details to the relevant organisation.

Jane Fullbrook, YKC Events Co-Ordinator said: "We're pleased to announce these volunteer opportunities for our senior members. These events are a fantastic chance to gain new skills and experience, spread the word about the Young Kennel Club and make some new friends.

"If any dog clubs or shows in the UK want to give our senior members a chance to volunteer at their event please do get in touch as we'd love to hear from you."

Members under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian to the event. Those completing the form on behalf of someone else should ensure that their details are submitted rather than those of the person completing the form. The YKC cannot guarantee that the opportunities listed above will remain available. For dog clubs or shows that wish to offer volunteer opportunities to senior members please contact the YKC team.