Heelwork to Music Team GB

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FCI Dog Dancing World Championships

The FCI Dog Dance World Championships are being held in Budapest, Hungary 16-19 May 2024. 

FCI Dog Dance European Open Championships

The FCI Dog Dance European Open Championships are being held in Stuttgart, Germany 1-4 August 2024.

Open European Championships

Open European Championships are being held in Austria, 26-29 September 2024.

FCI World Championships and European Open Championships Sponsors

Major Sponsors 

CSJ Dog Foods

CSJ Dog Foods have been delighted to be Major Sponsors of “Heelwork to Music Team GB” for many years, having followed the progress of the sport and Kath Hardman (Manager of the Team) for over 20 years.

It is an honour to help support this team and see their highly successful achievements throughout this time in both the World Championships and the European Championship. Once again we wish them Good Luck in Denmark in May 2023.

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Kopek Security 

As working dog professionals at Kopek Security Ltd we are avidly pro dog training. Sue one of Kopek directors does a little training in Heel work to Music and can vouch for just how much fun the sport is.

We have followed the great success of HTM team GB over several years and are proud to be Major sponsors.

Kopek Security Ltd are an award-winning provider of manned and canine assisted security services nationally. We are an SIA Approved Contractor with our NSI Guarding Silver and ERS AFC Silver Award. We offer a broad range of services which include security dog teams, detection dogs’ teams, security guards, stewards, close protection officers, key holding, alarm response, mobile patrols and event security.

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Associate Sponsors

Eurotunnel - Your pawfect travel partner

Here at Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, it’s no secret that we’re dog obsessed. It’s why we deliver stress-free travel for the whole family (especially the four-legged ones!) and why we’re so proud to support the HTM Team GB.

Our market leading cross-channel service is the fastest, safest, and greenest way to reach mainland Europe by car. Travelling with us means being in the comfort of your car, with your best furry friend by your side, as you make your way to France in 35-minutes.

That’s why pet owners love to travel with us, and why we’re The Kennel Club’s no.1 choice for crossing the channel!

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Canine Freestyle GB

Canine Freestyle GB is a nationwide association promoting the sport of Heelwork to Music, having members all across the country and holding competitions for handlers at all levels. We are proud to sponsor the fabulous Team GB and their entry to the World Championships in Denmark this May.
They are great ambassadors of the sport and we'll be excited to see them showcasing their undeniable skills with their wonderful dogs. Good luck Team GB!

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As a team representing Britain at home and overseas we see this as a wonderful opportunity to show our support for a hardworking group of enthusiastic and talented dog lovers who include and further the abilities of their youngest participants.

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Tekgem are proud to sponsor HTM team GB. As a technology company who helps protect our country's critical infrastructure, we also recognise how important our four-legged friends play in our lives both mentally and physically. This is why we are proud to sponsor Team GB.

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Heelwork to Music Team GB Squad outline

  • The programme was developed in response to a suggestion from the heelwork to music community to the working party to have a more ‘squad based’ approach to Team GB development and selection
  • To enable us to consistently have enough applicants at the right level to send a full team to international competitions to represent GB
  • The goal is to send teams for both heelwork to music and freestyle. A team is made up of 4 competitors plus 1 reserve with the appropriate level and experience
  • International competitions are open to dogs listed on The Kennel Club activity register as well as the breed register. This means there are opportunities for every handler and dog at the right level to represent Team GB. Some International competitions, however, only accept dogs on the Kennel Club breed register.

Who is it for?

  • For those who want to represent GB at International competitions now or in the future
  • For handler/dog teams who are at the current level to represent Team GB Internationally
  • For handler/dog teams identified as having potential to represent Team GB Internationally in the future
  • Please note being accepted on the programme is not necessarily a guarantee of selection to represent GB at an international competition. Selection will be based on those in the programme who are at the right level at the time

What is the Heelwork to Music Team GB Squad?

  • Annual rolling programme from 1 January
    • Current members to reapply each year if they would like to remain part of the Team GB programme for the following year
      • To allow for retiring dogs, injury etc
    • Opportunities for new applications each year to grow and nurture future talent
  • Includes Team GB Squad days which provide an opportunity:
    • For members to come together as a team and get to know one another – To promote team working within the Team GB camp
    • To give members the opportunity to learn from and support one another
    • To provide the opportunity for members to improve their knowledge and skills in readiness to compete at International competitions

Application Criteria

  • Dog and handler currently competing at Advanced or Intermediate in their chosen category
    • Freestyle and/or Heelwork
  • Dog and handler competition level / results in the category they have chosen to be considered for
  • Willingness to be part of a team
  • Willingness to attend all or as many of the development days as possible.
    • Attendance and contribution to the team will be taken into consideration when dog/handlers are chosen to represent Team GB
  • Willingness to contribute in team development days where possible. For example:
    • By taking a short training session to share knowledge or skills
    • Offering other support on the development days if required
  • Willing to travel
  • The programme is self-funding therefore successful applicants should be aware they will need to fund their travel and contribute to covering the cost of the venue
    • Example of potential costs
      • 15 people attend = Approximate £12 per person to cover the cost of the venue. (This may vary depending upon the venue)
      • There may be opportunities to bring in external trainers with specific skill sets and to achieve this successful applicants, if they agree, will be asked to contribute to cover their cost
  • In a position to cover the costs of travel and accommodation for International Competition if selected
    • Either personally or fund raising
  • Competitors will also have to pay for their competing dog travel and vet fees up front here in the UK. Please note this can differ from vet to vet
What is the application process?
  • Annual Application
    • To allow for dogs coming out of programme for various reasons
      • E.g. Retirement / Injury
  1. Applicants register their interest by completing an application form
  2. List of those who have applied will be reviewed and the successful applicants will be notified for the forthcoming year
  3. Applicants will receive an email to inform them they have been successful or not.
  4. Successful applicants are asked to confirm their acceptance on the programme
Frequently asked questions
  1. Can you apply to include more than one dog?
    You can do include additional dogs in the same application.

  2. Do you have to do both heelwork to music and freestyle to be part of the programme or can you select just to be considered for one category?
    You will have the option to choose to be considered for either one category or both.

  3. How are dog/handler teams chosen to be in the team that go to International competitions?
    The dog and handler competition level / results in the category they have asked to be considered for.

    Contribution to the team and development days.

  4. What type of things will be covered on the development days?
    These will be training workshops covering a variety of topics. Examples of these may include:
    • Canine fitness and conditioning
    • Building heelwork drive and motivation
    • Rhythm and performance
    • Developing advance moves and proofing behaviours
    • Routine development and music choices

Successful applicants will be involved deciding the specific topics for the development days that will to help them and the team.

If it is beneficial to everyone on the programme to bring in an external trainer with specific skill sets to teach and develop our skills we will do so if all those on the programme agree and are willing to help cover the cost.

5. Location of squad days?
Central location to maximise attendance from English, Welsh and Scottish handler / dog partnerships
    • Possibly across midlands areas (Including East and West Midlands)
7. If I am invited to represent Team GB at an International competition how does the fundraising / donations / sponsorship work?
    • Sponsorship
      • Sponsors are generally major financial contributors to Team GB. In return, their logo/name is printed on the Team GB jackets/tops and other promotional material.
      • Sponsors must be agreed by The Kennel Club to ensure there are no conflicts of interests between the sponsors or indeed The Kennel Club itself.
    • Donations can be in the form of funds or products to be auctioned off to raise funds for Team GB. Please note there are no guarantees of logos/names etc being included on Team GB jackets/tops or promotional material etc.
    • Fundraising is often money raised by competitors in a variety of ways such as putting on Heelwork to Music Cabaret nights, running workshops or offering 1-2-1’s