Inventories of Club Property

No survey on the number of societies which have an up-to-date inventory has ever been carried out, but the likelihood is that the proportion is very low.

The first reaction to the thought of an inventory of club property may be that there is nothing worth listing. However, the replacement value of trophies, computers, office equipment, furniture, flags, tentage, catering equipment and training equipment will be substantial. Hence the need first of all to draw up a proper register of society property and more importantly, to check it at least once per year and whenever any items are transferred between officials. When committee members change, the property should be formally handed over to new members and the inventory checked and countersigned in effect. Societies may choose to appoint a committee member to take responsibility for monitoring the existence, condition and whereabouts of society property. This system will also be important for insurance purposes.

As we all know, society property, some of it is extremely valuable (sentimental or real) has a habit of ‘walking’ over the years, and committees have a responsibility to members in this regard.