Give us feedback about our Assured Breeder scheme

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Whether you’ve bought a puppy from one of our Assured Breeders, or you have feedback about our scheme or one of its members, then we’d love to hear from you. You can find out more about how to provide feedback, including how to make suggestions on how we can improve any aspect of our service or make a complaint below.

Feedback after buying a puppy

If you’ve bought a puppy from one of our Assured Breeders, then we want to hear about your experience. One of our scheme requirements is that our Assured Breeders must give new owners a feedback form to help us collect feedback and check that our Assured Breeders are complying with the scheme requirements.

The Assured Breeder that you bought your puppy from should have given you one of these forms, but if they didn’t then please contact them to ask for a puppy buyer feedback form.

Making a complaint

In the unfortunate event that someone has a problem with a puppy bought from an Assured Breeder, or they believe that a member is not upholding the standards of the scheme, then there is a robust complaints procedure in place.

  • In the first instance, the problem should be discussed with the breeder. Most responsible breeders want to be made aware of any issues at the earliest opportunity and may wish to help or attempt to resolve matters or give advice at an early stage
  • If the breeder is unwilling to help or give advice, then customers can submit a complaint
  • At any time during the investigation of a complaint a breeder may be suspended from using or operating under the scheme pending the conclusion of such an investigation. During such suspension, puppies must not be sold under the scheme
  • The scheme has customer complaints and grievance procedures in place, which can be found below
Make a complaint about an Assured Breeder.

What’s your complaint procedure?

Our Assured Breeders scheme complaints procedure is as follows:

  1. Any person wishing to make a complaint about an Assured Breeder concerning any matter pertaining to the membership of the scheme may do so in writing to the Assured Breeders scheme manager (the manager)
  2. Any complaint should be lodged within 28 days, or such longer period as the manager may at their discretion allow, from either the date when the matter of the complaint arose or from the time when the matter, which is the subject of the complaint was discovered
  3. A copy of the complaint must include a written statement and any supporting statements or evidence stating clearly what rule has been breached or where the spirit of the scheme has been contravened. A complaint form is available for this purpose
  4. Details of the complaint shall be served on the Assured Breeder concerned who will be invited to submit a written statement setting out sufficient particulars to show on what grounds the complaint is denied or, if the complaint is accepted, to submit a written statement setting out any extenuating circumstances
  5. Any written statement by the Assured Breeder shall be lodged with The Kennel Club, normally within 21 working days. The Assured Breeder’s written statement shall be accompanied by signed statements from supporting witnesses (if any)
  6. Following the receipt of the Assured Breeder’s written statement, or, if the assured breeder does not submit a written statement, normally within 21 days, the manager may investigate the circumstances of the complaint further and require either the complainant or the assured breeder to provide any further information required
  7. The matter may be determined on the basis of written submissions to the manager and may be decided on the basis of whether a material breach of the rules or the spirit of the scheme has occurred and, in the case where the information is disputed, on the balance of probability
  8. Thereafter, the complaint may be disposed of by the manager. If the complaint is dismissed, both parties will be advised in writing. If the complaint is upheld, further action will be taken either by warning or censuring the Assured Breeder or by suspension of the member from the scheme as deemed appropriate
  9. Assured Breeders have the right to appeal against any decision that has been made under the complaints process. Details of the scheme's appeals process are below