Organising a Field Trial


Before a society is issued with a license for a trial, they must contact the Field Trials Department with a potential trial date. Upon confirmation of the date with the Field Trial Department, a licence application will be issued to the society. It must then be completed and forwarded to the Kennel Club thirty days prior to the date of the field trial, along with the appropriate fee (£25 for a one day stake and £35 for a two day stake). The Kennel Club will then issue a licence, a Game Certificate as well as evaluation forms for the judges.

The licence must be available on request at the event.


For each licenced trial a schedule must be issued which included entry forms for competitors. A copy of each field trial schedule must be submitted to the Kennel Club within three days of printing. All schedules must conform to the Field Trial 'J' Regulations and the Field Trial Specimen Schedule and entry forms.

Running card

The running card, clearly marked with the awards, and a signed Game Certificate must be submitted to the Kennel Club within fourteen days of the close of the Field Trial. If a first time judge has been appointed to judge at the trial, please could contact details be included with the running card.

Judges appointment

Societies are responsible for selecting judges for their Field Trials and Gundog Working Tests in accordance with the Regulations. 'A' and 'B' Panel judges can be selected from the official lists supplied by the Field Trials Department. A written agreement to judge should be received from every judge.

Cancellation / Abandonment / Postponement

Any cancellation or abandonment of a Field Trial must be reported in writing to the Kennel Club, stating when and why, and enclosing a copy of the running card, if available.

If the trial can be re-arranged within 14 days of the original trial date this is a postponement. A £6 fee will be required to change the licence. The same schedule and draw can be kept, and judges where possible. If different judges are appointed the society must ensure all of competitors are aware of the change. If competitors cannot attend the new date the society must work through the reserves in the normal manner.

If the Trial is re-arranged outside of 14 days of the original date this is a cancellation. A £6 fee will be required to change the licence. The society must re-issue their schedule, re-do their draw and can appoint new judges.

If the society is unable to re-schedule the trial in the current season (season ends annually on 1st Feb) then their licence fee will be refunded. 


The society must ensure that it has adequate cover for all the society's activities. A current Public Liability Insurance document must be available on request at all Kennel Club licensed events.

Risk Assessment

It is the responsibility of individual societies to undertake their own risk assessment at all licensed trials, to cover all likely eventualities, with respect to the health and safety of all those who attend, and to fire prevention issues.


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