Glossary of terms for Pointing Breeds

Term: Definition:


Dog running at right angles to the wind to find game.

Working into wind

Working with the wind into handler’s face.

Working downwind

Working with the wind coming from behind, also known as backwind.

Working a cheek wind

Working with the wind coming from either side.

Turning back on the wind or back casting

Turning away from the direction of the wind.

To hold game

To keep game fixed by staunch pointing.

To back

To honour the point of another dog on sight.

To draw on

To advance steadily on point towards game.

False pointing

Pointing where no game lies.

Sticking on point

Reluctance to flush pointed game.

Blinking a point

Leaving a point when game is present.


Cause game to take flight or break from cover.

To road in

To work out a scent from point to production.

Making good the ground

After the initial flush, finding and producing any birds remaining in the immediate vicinity of the original point.


Catching unshot game.

Ground game

Hare or rabbit.

Retrieving Terms which apply to HPRs:




Watching and memorising where birds fall.

Giving tongue

Barking whilst in pursuit and chasing game.

Running in

Moving to shot or to the fall of game without command.

Blinking a retrieve

Finding shot game but showing no interest in retrieving it, also known as disowning game.

Hard mouth

Damaging game when retrieving.


Game which has been shot but has run from the original point of fall.

Taking a line

Following scent from the fall of a runner.

Eye wipe

Where another dog retrieves game on which a dog or dogs tried previously have failed.

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