Field Trial Secretaries’ Seminars

The Field Trial Secretaries' seminar focuses on providing essential knowledge and understanding for the management, organisation and stewarding of Field Trials and Gundog Working Tests.

Who should attend?

The seminar is primarily designed for those who are newly appointed Field Trial or Gundog Working Test secretaries. Club officials and current Field Trial or Gundog Working Test secretaries will also benefit from the very latest information. Non-Field Trial secretaries can also attend and we welcome anyone who has an interest.

What happens at the seminar?

The day consists of presentations and the very popular breakout sessions which are designed around real-world issues that a secretary is likely to encounter. Each delegate will receive a comprehensive information pack including copies of the presentations, examples of the various certificates, a copy of the 'J' regulations and a USB stick containing template forms which can be tailored for individual use.

Refreshments and a finger buffet lunch are included.

When is the next seminar?


How do I apply?

Applying for the seminar has now closed. 


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