The Any Variety Spaniel (except Spaniel [Cocker]) Championship

2019 Championship

The 2019 Any Variety Spaniel (except Spaniel [Cocker]) Championship, organised on behalf of the Kennel Club by the Spaniel Club, was held at Baronscourt Estate, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland by kind permission of The Marquess of Hamilton on 10th-12th January 2019.

The judges for the Championship were Mr S Bolton (2025) Mr D Lisett (2581) Mr P Rawlings (2002) Mr W Thomas (2889)

The results of the Championship are as follows: 
WINNER Mr D Donnelly’s Int. FTCh Hollydrive Abbey (Best Bitch, Best hunting Spaniel & Gun’s Choice)
2nd place James Adamson’s FTCh Lochandaimh Kim of Jenoren
3rd place Mr E Scott’s FTCh Brookfield Tara
4th place Mr J Dransfield’s FTCh Dunnbrigg Early Purple

Diploma of Merits to: 
No 4. Mr C Lewis’ Happyboy Harry 
No 6. Mr W Swiggs’ Kilhopemoss Gilberto of Spannerwood
No 8. Mr E Taffe’s Int. FTCh Hollydrive Bert (Best Dog In Championship)
No 9. Mr O Organ’s Rothievale Privit of Cindersash
No 15. Miss T Siwek’s FTCh Surefly Sassy
No 17. Mr P Avery’s FTCh Deepfleet Van Persie
No 19. Mr J Semmens’ Killhopemoss Bedazzled
No 29. Mr S Jones’ FTCh Bucklawren Krusoe
No 31. Mr C J & Mrs Y L Mackender’s Sliabh Lola of Crispico, handled by Mr C Colclough
No 38. Mr J Organ’s FTCh Mulraven Medlaress of Cindersash
No 42. Mr P Taylor’s Portcaman Cassie (Best Newcomer)
No 43. Mr S Ford’s Hollydrive Pretty Polly, handed Mr M Walsh
No 48. Mr J Dransfield’s FTCh Buccleuch Hamish

Further Information 

More information about the Any Variety Spaniel except Spaniel (Cocker) Championship is available from the Championship Secretary Mrs Liz Russell, on 0121 608 9523 / 07915 393886 or by email:


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