The Any Variety Spaniel (except Spaniel [Cocker]) Championship

2019 Championship

The 2019 Any Variety Spaniel (except Spaniel [Cocker]) Championship will be held at Baronscourt, Northern Ireland on 10th-12th January 2019. The judges for the Championship will be Mr S Bolton (2025) Mr D Lisett (2581) Mr P Rawlings (2002) Mr W Thomas (2889).

Results 2018

1st Mick Walsh Hollydrive Sally 
2nd Des Donnelly Hollydrive Abbey 
3rd Simon Dixon Chinachgook Dawn Run of Dawsonlee 
4th Geoff Devine-Jonese FTCh Syncerus Sinbad Also Best Dog 

Best Newcomer and Guns Choice - Mr S Blackwell’s FT Ch Luthmhor Draco

Mr S Worthington’s FT Ch Tortrix Ace
Mr R Wells’ Marketgate Dixie
Mr W Clulee’s FT Ch Murrayeden Boss of Poolgreen
Mr P Matthews’ Broomfield Lori
Mr E Scott’s FT Ch Broomfield Tara
Mr R Mackintosh’s Sliabh Sunset of Crispico
Mr C Lewis’ Gorsebay Snipe
Mr B Watkins’ FT Ch Simonside Doris of Laysan
Mr W Drummond’s FT Ch Buccleuch Imrigh
Mr P Avery’s FT Ch Deepfleet Van Persie
Mr D Rayner’s Carnteel Mayhan of Woodash
Duke of Buccleuch’s FT Ch Cowarnecourt Jonquil of Buccleuch Handled by Mr D Lisett
Mr E Scott’s FT Ch Broomfield Annie
Mr C Thurston-Woolnough’s FT Ch Springervill Rosie Girl
Mr D Hammond’s Winwick Whisper
Mr J Dransfield’s Dunbrigg Early Purple
Mr S Dixon’s FT Ch Dawsonlee Heather
Mr E McAuley’s FT Ch Lisgarvagh Jet
Mr N Powell’s Boundarymoor Dinky

Further Information 

More information about the Any Variety Spaniel except Spaniel (Cocker) Championship is available from the Championship Secretary Mrs Liz Russell, on 0121 608 9523 / 07915 393886 or by email:


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