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The Kennel Club Art Gallery is world class collection of art and artefacts about dogs. Situated in Mayfair, London, The Kennel Club Art Gallery is open by appointment to all art lovers with an interest in dogs and we welcome visitors from all over the world.  Get in touch to arrange your visit.

Our collection

Our Collection includes paintings, drawings, prints, trophies sculptures, ceramics and much more. Our artefacts date from the 1st century up to the present day with special focus on works from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Our oldest item is a Celtic coin dating from AD 8 – AD 41, which is decorated with the image of a Hound. One of the most well-known dog paintings we have is entitled ‘An Early Canine Meeting’, dated 1855, which shows the very early beginnings of dog showing. We also hold the world famous Keddell Memorial Trophy for Best in Show at Crufts.

Featured artists include

  • Maud Earl
  • Sir Edwin Landseer
  • Richard Ansdell
  • George Earl
  • Frances Fairman
  • Reuben Ward Binks
  • Margaret Collyer and many more
A selection of prints taken from our art collection are available for purchase.

Current exhibitions

In the main gallery

The Art of The Earl Family

18 May 2022 – 20 January 2023

©Champion Dogs of England, oil on canvas by George Earl c. 1860

An exhibition featuring the work of George Earl and Maud Earl, together with Thomas William Earl, Thomas Percy Earl, Jack Earl and Maris Earl Tomaszewski. The Art Gallery is currently open but pre-booking is essential at this time.

This exhibition brings together for the first time the work of six artists from the renowned Earl family. It combines a spectacular display of the work of the well-known 19th and early 20th Century artists, George Earl and his daughter, Maud Earl, with the work of other members of the Earl family that may not be so well known to canine enthusiasts. The work of the equine artist Thomas Percy Earl is on display in the form of a gracious loan from Her Majesty The Queen from the Royal Collection entitled King George V and his granddaughters, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose. Also on display are works by the grandson of George Earl, Jack Earl OAM, and the great-granddaughter of George Earl, Maris Earl Tomaszewski.

For more information on this exhibition please email The Kennel Club Art Gallery.

In the art gallery foyer

The Pam Wadsworth Bequest Capsule Exhibition

8 June – 28 October 2022

The Kennel Club Art Gallery is honoured to be holding a capsule exhibition showcasing the important bequest from Pam Wadsworth,who sadly passed away in 2020.

Pam’s bequest is made up of a large number of ceramics, bronzes and plaques housed in a bespoke display cabinet in the gallery foyer. A knowledgeable and dedicated collector, Pam’s focus was always on the breeds she loved: American Cocker Spaniels, Bouvier des Flandres, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, English Setters, English Springer Spaniels and Salukis.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the variety of her collection that was comprised of works representing known and unknown dogs, including a number of pieces by important ceramic producers such as Royal Copenhagen, Royal Doulton and Royal Worcester, and artists including Neil Campbell, Frederick Thomas Daws, Jeanne Grut and Doris Lindner, to name but a few.

On the art gallery contemporary dog photography wall

British Vulnerable Breeds by Madeline Eliza Photography
1 December 2021 until 31 August 2022.

Celebrating our British vulnerable breeds – a selection of contemporary photographs by professional dog photographer, Madeline (Maddie) Eliza a Young Kennel Club member and Kennel Club agility competitor.

Vulnerable native breeds are dog breeds of British and Irish origin that are considered to be vulnerable due to their declining registration numbers. These breeds are at risk of disappearing from our parks and streets, simply because people don’t know they exist or because they aren’t considered fashionable.

Upcoming Exhibitions

The Kennel Club 150th Anniversary exhibition. In February 2023 we will proudly present an exhibition on the history of The Kennel Club, from its inception on 4 April 1873 to the present day.


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On our tours, visitors get to experience the world class Kennel Club Art Gallery and Library and to see more of The Kennel Club art collection on a guided tour of the building, delivered by our expert curators. The Kennel Club is an unparalleled source of information on dog welfare, dog training and dog breeding. Visitors get to learn more about The Kennel Club's efforts to improve the health and welfare of thousands of dogs in the UK. 

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