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The Kennel Club Art Gallery is world class collection of art and artefacts about dogs. Situated in Mayfair, London, The Kennel Club Art Gallery is open by appointment to all art lovers with an interest in dogs and we welcome visitors from all over the world.  Get in touch to arrange your visit.

Our collection

Our Collection includes paintings, drawings, prints, trophies sculptures, ceramics and much more. Our artefacts date from the 1st century up to the present day with special focus on works from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Our oldest item is a Celtic coin dating from AD 8 – AD 41, which is decorated with the image of a Hound. One of the most well-known dog paintings we have is entitled ‘An Early Canine Meeting’, dated 1855, which shows the very early beginnings of dog showing. We also hold the world famous Keddell Memorial Trophy for Best in Show at Crufts.

Featured artists include

  • Maud Earl
  • Sir Edwin Landseer
  • Richard Ansdell
  • George Earl
  • Frances Fairman
  • Reuben Ward Binks
  • Margaret Collyer and many more
A selection of prints taken from our art collection are available for purchase.

Current exhibitions

In the main gallery

The 150th Anniversary of The Kennel Club

22 February 2023 – 19 January 2024

This year The Kennel Club Art Gallery is celebrating the 150th Anniversary of The Kennel Club with a special exhibition looking at the history and achievements of The Club during this time.

The exhibition features a number of unique exhibits connected to various aspects of The Kennel Club’s development and history over the years.

Some of the themes included in the exhibition focus on the years before The Kennel Club leading to its establishment in 1873, early dog showing, women members and registrations to name just some of them. These subjects are accompanied by some of our most treasured artefacts including original photographs of our founder Chairman Mr S E Shirley, 19th century newspaper cuttings illustrating dog shows of the time and trophies awarded by The Kennel Club Ladies’ Branch. The exhibition also features information on health and activities and even includes an intricate miniature model of an agility course set.

For more information on this exhibition please email The Kennel Club Art Gallery.

In the art gallery foyer

Royal Crown Derby Dogs
6 June 2023 - 10 January 2024

Thirty-seven ceramic dogs are visiting from Derby in this capsule exhibition featuring Royal Crown Derby Dogs. This exhibition was suggested by graphic and canine artist Deidre Ashdown.

These beautifully detailed models represent a long history of porcelain manufacturing in Derby, starting in 1750 with modeler Andrew Planche making small white figures. Planche partnered with decorator, William Duesbury, and the pair opened a factory on Nottingham Road. The factory gained popularity among customers and even royal attention from King George III who went on to grant them the name Crown Derby Porcelain.

Unfortunately, hard times hit and the factory moved to a smaller premises on King Street, but they continued to create their classic designs for their customers. In 1878 a new porcelain factory opened nearby, while initially competitors, the two businesses then merged in 1935 and became the factory known as Royal Crown Derby.

18 of the dogs in the exhibition were made in the Kings Street factory between 1848 to 1935 and are praised for their lifelike characteristics of the breeds, with lounging Greyhounds, alert Pointers and cheerful Terriers all making an appearance.

Thank you to The Royal Crown Derby Museum for facilitating this generous loan.

On the art gallery contemporary dog photography wall

Daisy May Defined

We're pleased to showcase artist and photographer, Daisy May.

Daisy May Defined was entrusted with the Working Clumber Spaniel Society (WCSS) commission to photograph working Clumber Spaniels under the prestigious John Ems painting at the Kennel Club in 2022. The final work was presented as a special gift to HRH Princess Anne, the president of the WCSS.

Over the years Daisy May’s work has been published in many dog magazines, newspaper articles and photography publications in Canada, India, and South Asia.   With competition success Daisy May has also had her work displayed in gallery exhibitions from Barcelona to New York, to South Africa.     

Visitors to the Art Gallery can view twelve curated art images of working Clumber Spaniels in various settings including the image commissioned for the WCSS and HRH Princess Anne.  Daisy May Defined will be on view from November 1st, 2023 – May 24th 2024.


On our tours, visitors get to experience the world class Kennel Club Art Gallery and Library and to see more of The Kennel Club art collection on a guided tour of the building, delivered by our expert curators. The Kennel Club is an unparalleled source of information on dog welfare, dog training and dog breeding. Visitors get to learn more about The Kennel Club's efforts to improve the health and welfare of thousands of dogs in the UK. If you are interested in organising a tour of the collection please email The Kennel Club Art Gallery.

The temperatures inside the gallery are set to protect our collection and may feel cool, so we suggest bringing an extra layer for your comfort.

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