The Emblehope and Burngrange Estate

Dog running through the field
Sarah Caldecott © / The Kennel Club

This beautiful moorland estate stretches to some 7,550 acres and is absolutely ideal for walked up trialling and training for Retrievers, Spaniels and hunt, point, retrieve breeds (HPRs). The shooting estate offers both pheasant and partridge shooting and the varied terrain offers opportunities for all breeds of gundog to demonstrate their natural working abilities.

It is also a gundog training estate and has woodland cover which provides excellent hunting for Spaniels, while the stretching moorland is ideal for challenging retrieves and for the pointing breeds to show off their hunting abilities to the full.

The Emblehope and Burngrange Estate is a busy working hill farm with sheep and cattle and it is a site of special scientific interest (SSSI).

What events are held at the Emblehope and Burngrange Estate?

The estate is suitable for working dog activities including:

  • Field trials including Pointer and Setter spring stakes
  • Gundog working tests
  • Gundog training days
  • Live game training days
  • Pointing tests
  • Working trials
  • Bloodhound trials
  • Activity training days
  • Shooting and gundog activities
How do I get there?

The address:

The Emblehope and Burngrange Estate,
NE48 1RX

Using the postcode in any satnav will take you directly to the estate. Alternatively, you can get accurate directions to the estate using the AA Route Planner.

Once you are on the estate continue on the road until you reach The Kennel Club's cabin.

Emblehope and Burngrange Estate map

For more detailed information, read booking information about the Emblehope and Burngrange Estate.

How do I book the estate?

Book your field trials, training day or working dog activity by emailing The Kennel Club or by calling 07976 601669. Find out how to book an event at the estate.

Terms and conditions are available from the office when booking.

The estate facilities

The estate offers 7,550 acres of upland moorlands, comprised of 7,012 acres of upland grazing, 400 acres of woodland and 138 acres of in-bye land.

The Alan Rountree Lodge

Emblehope Estate is pleased to offer full use of the Alan Rountree Lodge to all clients. Officially opened in October 2018, the lodge was named after the late Alan Rountree in recognition of his contribution to The Kennel Club and field trials over the years. The lodge features a large sitting area, toilets and a kitchen.

Emblehope Farm

The Emblehope and Burngrange Estate is also home to Emblehope Farm – a fully functioning hillside farm. As well as being home to 1,400 sheep and a breeding herd of 43 Galloway cattle, it is also home to Shepard John Waugh and his family. 

Read more about the facilities at the estate.

Meet the gamekeeper

There is a full-time gamekeeper who will host events and support the well running and management of activities and events in this gundog training venue.

Raymond Holt has been a gamekeeper for over 30 years on a number of estates across Scotland, including 10 years on the renowned Kinpurnie Estate, near Dundee, where a number of trials were held annually, including the very successful IGL championship in 1990.

He is also a trustee of the Gamekeepers Welfare Trust and an honorary member of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association. He is also a member of the National Gamekeepers Organisation and The British Association for Shooting and Conservation.