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Find out more about breeders who have been awarded provisional and novice membership status.

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Miss J Cooke
Date visit approved
12 August 2021
Member since
29 May 2018
Miss J S Dunbar
Date visit approved
28 October 2020
Member since
06 November 2020
Ms F Everall
Date visit approved
18 May 2022
Member since
12 April 2016
Mrs J L Jackson
Date visit approved
18 July 2022
Member since
06 July 2017
Mrs L & Mr M Jones
Date visit approved
10 February 2020
Member since
19 July 2011
Mrs V Martin
Date visit approved
04 January 2022
Member since
10 June 2013
Disclaimer: This is a list of current assured breeders who meet all the scheme requirements and who have been issued with a UKAS certificate. We would strongly recommend that new owners select an assured breeder from the puppy lists on the Find a Puppy service to help ensure the best chance of finding a well-bred puppy and having a rewarding dog-owning experience. As the list of certified assured breeders will change on a regular basis, we would strongly advise that you revisit this page to ensure that you are viewing the most up-to-date list.

The Find an Assured Breeder service should only be used for the purpose of contacting Assured Breeders as regards the availability or purchase of puppies. Our website terms and conditions prohibit the transmission or sending of any unsolicited or unauthorised advertising or promotional material.