Breed Register (Pedigree)

Our registration system is akin to Somerset House for people - it is a simple record of a puppy's birth and provides a number of benefits supporting responsible dog ownership.

The Assured Breeder Scheme, on the other hand, is similar to a 'kitemark' that shows the breeder has agreed to follow recommended breeding guidelines. They make use of mandatory health screening schemes, such as testing for hip problems and eye conditions, which helps owners to predict the future health of their puppy.

How to register your dog

For breeders

A dog is eligible to be registered when:

  • both the dogs parents are of the same breed, currently recognised by the Kennel Club
  • the breeder is the registered owner of the dam
  • the dog was born within the UK
  • only the breeder of the dog may apply to register puppies bred

Details of dog breeds currently registered by the Kennel Club can be found in the Breed Information Centre.

If completing the paper application, the owner of the stud dog will also need to sign the registration form. In addition, application forms are always available from the Kennel Club direct, along with any advice you may need. It is best if you register your puppies as soon as possible to make sure that the relevant documents are available for the new owner at the time of sale.

For new owners

  1. Check with the breeder that they have registered the dog with the Kennel Club
  2. Ensure you receive the Registration Information Document for your dog from the breeder
  3. Change the ownership of the dog from the breeder into your name
  4. An Owners Registration Certificate will be sent out to you, confirming the dog in your registered ownership
  5. Add your dog's details to MyKC and see your dog's history and health throughout the year, plus lots of great offers exclusive to you and your dog


The benefits of owning a Kennel Club registered dog include:

  • Owners know the dog will display the characteristics of the breed, in both looks and temperament
  • Owners will be allowed to show (at Kennel Club licensed shows) and breed from their dogs
  • You can obtain a pedigree certificate for your dog - a unique record detailing your dog's family tree

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