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The Kennel Club Dog Art Gallery houses the largest collection of dog paintings in Europe. 

Located in central London, the nearest tube station is Green Park, which is a short walk away.

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Opening hours by appointment

Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm.

Please note: it is essential that appointments are booked in advance

Contact us for enquiries and bookings

Telephone: 020 7518 1064
Fax: 020 7518 1045
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Current exhibition


Treasures of the Far East

The exhibition “Treasures of the Far East” will open on the 14th September 2017 in the Kennel Club Art Gallery and will run until January 19th 2018. It will feature some spectacular works of art from across the world and will focus on some of the well-known breeds that originated in the Far East. These breeds include the Japanese Chin,the Chow Chow and the Pekingese and in a smaller, but no less significant way the Akita, Akita Inu, Shiba Inu and Chinese Crested. Exhibits include items as varied as kimono, bronze sculptures, Japanese woodblock prints and a never before exhibited painting of Pekingese by Maud Earl.

The Kennel Club is dependant on the generosity of lenders in mounting its changing exhibitions and this exhibition is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and stunning shows to be housed in the Art Gallery.

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Exhibition Proposals

The Art Gallery is not considering any exhibition proposals at this time. Further information will be released when we are able to do so.

About our art collection

Opened in 2003 this informative art gallery provides a centre of learning for all those wishing to research the dog in art. It is also a place of enjoyment for everyone interested in dogs. The collection features works by famous dog artists such as:

  • Maud Earl
  • George Earl
  • Richard Ansdell
  • Arthur Wardle
  • Cecil Aldin

A series of dog art exhibitions are also held in the gallery every year on a variety of themes, featuring sculptures, drawings as well as dog paintings. Past displays include breed exhibitions and dog subjects such as:

  • The Golden Retriever in Art
  • The Fox Terrier in Art
  • Royal Dogs
  • Dogs in War
  • British & Irish Vulnerable Breeds

About the art gallery

The Kennel Club has the largest canine art collection in Europe. With the refurbishment of the Kennel Club's headquarters at Clarges Street in the late 1990s, the opportunity for a gallery space arose. The first task of the Library & Gallery Panel was to design a gallery space befitting the Kennel Club's fine art collection and suitable for hosting what would become a very successful on-going series of temporary exhibitions.

The space combines tradition and elegance with the functional requirements of a modern art gallery. An idea from Ronnie Irving, when he was Chairman of the Kennel Club, was a request to Tate Britain to have on long-term loan the iconic painting A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society by Sir Edwin Landseer. The request was granted and we are very proud that it hangs in the Kennel Club Art Gallery. To date the art gallery has hosted 25 themed exhibitions and 5 Christmas Art Fairs. The Library & Collections staff have co-ordinated the loans of thousands of artworks, many of which form part of private collections, making these exhibitions the most unique and exclusive displays of canine art in the world.


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