Marketing & Advertising

We have a range of commercial opportunities available and work with many business to supply our database of dog owners with great value, quality products to suit their needs. The Kennel Club has contact with many thousands of dog owners, breeders, trainers and competitors every year. If you are interested in working with us, we can provide a range of solutions including:

  • Print Advertising - Crufts Show Guides, Discover Dogs Show Guide and targeted Newsletters
  • Online Advertising - the Kennel Club website receives nearly 600,000 unique visits each month and can provide banners, sponsored articles and linking solutions
  • Sponsorship - we work with a variety of businesses providing excellent return on investment for sponsorship - such as Crufts, Discover Dogs, Agility competitions, etc.
  • Email marketing - we can provide a responsive audience to email campaigns which can be targeted by breed and location
  • Events - we run world class events such as Crufts and the International Agility Festival and have value for money trade stand packages
  • MyKC - this is our online platform supporting Kennel Club registered dog owners.  This platform delivers offers and discounts to its members and we are always on the hunt for new products and service to be made available, at a special price.
  • Product Licensing - we provide creative licensing solutions for the Kennel Club and Crufts brands which also includes marketing support to our audiences.

Contact Helen Fox for more information on our marketing solutions.


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