Eye for a Dog assessment bookings open for March 2024

The Kennel Club will be hosting an ‘Eye for a Dog’ assessment next month for judges wishing to progress to award Challenge Certificates to subsequent breeds via the Judges Education Programme (JEP) route.

The assessment will take place on Thursday 21 March at The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh. In order to be eligible to take part, a candidate must have been approved for at least one breed and judged them at Challenge Certificate (CC) level.

The passing of the Eye for a Dog assessment is a one-off mandatory requirement for judges progressing to award CCs to a fourth or subsequent breed if progressing under the JEP route, however the assessment is also available for those judges progressing for a second or third CC breed under the JEP route.

A copy of the Code of Best Practice for the assessment can be found online.

The assessment is available to book at a cost of £25 and there are two sessions available to book online (candidates must be logged into their online account) and places will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

There are 14 places available for the morning session – click here to book the morning session.

There are also 14 places for the afternoon session – click here to book the afternoon session.

Those judges who have previously taken the assessment and passed it need not take it again.

Enquiries in relation to the Eye for a Dog assessment should be directed to Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows).