Changes to partnership show regulations in an effort to boost entries

The Kennel Club Board has agreed a recommendation that for a two year trial period starting from 1 January 2024, the regulations that prevent judges both officiating at one show and exhibiting at a partnership show will be removed, in a continued effort to boost entries and encourage the rising number of partnership shows.

This decision, together with the announcement in July 2021 that some breed clubs may be able to gain additional CCs when held as a partnership show, aims to provide exhibitors with more opportunities to show their dogs, whilst reducing the amount of travel needed. It also hopes to support societies with the selection and appointment of Judges.

The new changes, which will come into effect on 1 January 2024, are as follows:

Relaxation of Regulations F(1)20.h and F(1)30.a(10) for a two year-trial period:

  • F(1)20.h

“At partnership shows judges must not officiate at one show and enter or handle a dog for exhibition at the other show including exhibiting a different breed on another day to that which they are to judge. Partnership shows are defined as shows where the host club and other clubs share a venue and other facilities to allow exhibitors the opportunity to exhibit at each show.”

  • F(1)30.a(10)

“A dog may be disqualified by the Board from any award, whether an objection has been lodged or not, if proven amongst other things to have been:

(10) Entered for competition and/or handled in the ring by the judge at a partnership show even if the class or classes are on another day of the show or the entry is for a different breed to that which the person is to judge.”

Helen Kerfoot, Chief Operating Officer (Activities and Events) at The Kennel Club, commented: “Many breed clubs are running their club shows alongside larger shows which helps with costs for both organisers and exhibitors.

“The two-year relaxation of the partnership regulation gives individuals the opportunity to show their dogs, even if they are officiating at a partnership show, which will hopefully help to increase entries at partnership shows and encourage even more breed clubs to work together and ‘partner up’ with larger shows. The changes will be reviewed when the two-year trial period has ended.”

The Kennel Club would also like to highlight the ‘Code of Best Practice for Judges’ which states that judges are expected to judge on the merits of the dog in competition and consider no other factors. It is important that judges and exhibitors are mindful of the perception of their actions to allow for a fair, yet competitive hobby.

The full Code of Best Practice for Judges can be found here.