B Regulation updates Jan 2023

At its meeting on 23 November 2022 The Kennel Club Board agreed several amendments and additions to B Regulations. Effective immediately.

B8 . Change of Name.  Add new sub-para B8 d.

  1. Notwithstanding the above provisions, The Kennel Club Board reserves the right to amend or cancel a Kennel Club registered name of a dog or a Kennel Name, if appropriate to do so, and in particular, if a registered name or Kennel Name is contrary to any naming requirements for the registration of a dog.

B13. Imported Dogs.  Remove text crossed out, add B13 (4) and the underlined text and add new sub-para B13f.

B13 a.

Registration. The conditions under which imported dogs may be registered are as follows:-

  1. Dogs of breeds already fully recognised by The Kennel Club, imported from countries having a Kennel Club with which The Kennel Club has a reciprocal agreement or which has full membership of the FCI or where there is a recognised Stud Book may be entered in the Breed Register. In other cases, such dogs may only be registered at the discretion of the Kennel Club Board.
  2. Dogs of unverified breeding may only be entered in the Breed Register in accordance with Regulation B2c.
  3. Dogs of breeds not fully recognised for the purposes of the Breed Register may only be entered in the Imported Breed Register and only in accordance with Regulation B3a.
  4. In all cases The Kennel Club requires that the import registration must confirm the true colour of the dog’s coat using The Kennel Club’s list of registration colour options for the specific breed (rather than the colour recorded with the overseas registry). DNA colour testing may be required to verify the application.

B13 d.

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra). Government Regulations. Dogs entering the country either under the existing Quarantine Regulations or the Traded Dogs Regulations (Balai Directive) or the Pets Passport Scheme, must do so strictly in accordance with Defra Government Regulations. The required documentation should be retained by the person importing the dog, and must be available if requested. 

B13 f.

Provided that in all circumstances the controls on registrations as set out in the
B Regulations prevail and pursuant to these Regulations any application for an import registration may be refused if in contravention of these regulations and/or such registration may be subject to cancellation if at a later date it is shown that it was made in contravention to these regulations.


  1. Control of Registrations. - add underlined text

 As a condition of acceptance of the recording or maintenance of a registration made under these Regulations, The Kennel Club Board reserves the right to require that DNA profiles be obtained for the parents/and or all/any puppies involved in a registered litter or for such litter to be satisfactorily verified by DNA parentage testing, or to require a DNA colour test to verify the true colour of a registered dog and/or veracity of a registration, if deemed necessary.