A Gordon Setter from Gloucester crowned UK's top vulnerable breed at Crufts

Elsa, a Gordon Setter, owned by Angela Phillips from Lincolnshire, and Tereza Watkins from Gloucester, won the grand final of The Kennel Club Vulnerable British and Irish Breeds competition at Crufts, on Friday 11 March.

Six-year-old Elsa (Sh Ch Flaxheath Top Model at Glenmaurangi) won the Vulnerable British and Irish Breeds competition in front of a packed Resorts World Arena at the NEC in Birmingham.

The Kennel Club Vulnerable British and Irish Breeds competition helps raise awareness of rare native breeds whose annual puppy registrations stand at fewer than 300, thus leaving them at risk of disappearing from the UK’s streets and parks.

The Gordon Setter takes its name from the Duke of Gordon, who introduced the breed in 1820 at Gordon Castle in Scotland. There were just 244 Gordon Setter puppies registered with The Kennel Club in 2021.

Owner Angela commented on Elsa’s win: “Gordon Setters are really intelligent dogs, and they make great companions and working dogs. They are sadly now in the vulnerable category, we are frequently asked what breed Elsa is.

“But it is great to win! And she is already a show champion. We're very proud.”

Elsa was chosen by judge David Guy as having the best overall quality evident from others dogs in the final.

The Vulnerable Breeds competition, which was open to all vulnerable breeds competing at designated championship shows, enabled dogs that are on The Kennel Club’s vulnerable breeds list to qualify for the final at Crufts.

Ch Zippor Sleepy Sapphireson at Letara, a Sealyham Terrier owned by Christine Bell, from Durham, and handled by Linda Matthews, from Shropshire, was named as Reserve Best Vulnerable Breed.

Vanessa McAlpine, Crufts Show Manager, said: “Congratulations to Elsa and her owners on this fantastic achievement. We are very thankful to everyone who has qualified for this competition for their dedication and passion for their breeds; their commitment is a true testament to their hard work ensuring that these vulnerable British and Irish breeds continue to be a part of our society.”

More information about Vulnerable British and Irish Breeds is available on The Kennel Club website.

The full results and more information about Crufts 2022 can be found on the Crufts website. For free downloadable images from Crufts 2022, please go to Flick Media.

The following dogs were entered in the 2022 final at Crufts:

Bearded Collie, Ch Potterdale Piper, owners Mr W and Mrs J Salmon

Bloodhound, Ch Maplemead Malazar of Quikotic, Miss L Priestley

Bull Terrier (Miniature), Ch Bullyon Measure Of Minnie, Mr M and Mrs J Phillips

Collie (Smooth), Ch Breckamore By Design, Ms A French

Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Ch Wilmit Mildred Potter for Diddimont, Miss M Allenby

Deerhound, Ch Greyflax Pearls A Singer, Mr G and Mrs N Bailey

English Setter, Mariglen Serendipity at Kanietter JW, Mrs M Sharples

English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan), Ch Witchstone Black Hawk at Amalric JW, Mrs W Imrie

Glen of Imaal Terrier, Ch Romainville Becks Blue for Zippor, Miss J  and Mrs W Tobijanski

Gordon Setter, Sh Ch Flaxheath Top Model at Glenmaurangi, Mrs A Phillips and Ms T Watkins

Irish Red and White Setter, Corranroo Clooney of Annagh, Mrs B Stevens

Irish Wolfhound, Whitglen Leader, Mrs C Anderson and Mrs A White

King Charles Spaniel, Ch Diggle Dandelion JW, Mr J Goodwin

Lancashire Heeler, Ch Ribblespride Crakemoor, Mr R Hayes and Mrs E Thwaite

Manchester Terrier, Ch Digelsa Double Agent, Mr M, Mrs G and Miss S Oxley

Mastiff, Askuwheteau Ciqala, Mr J and Mrs C Crump

Norwich Terrier, Ch Ragus Clouded Silver Moth, Mrs L Crawley

Old English Sheepdog, Ch Quemerford Take Two, Mr R and Mrs A Jones

Otterhound, Ch Kingstree Warrior at Keepcott, Mrs R Ganna

Retriever (Curly Coated), Sh Ch Brightmeadow Never Say Die JW ShCM, Mr J and Mrs M Stephens

Sealyham Terrier, Ch Zippor Sleepy Sapphireson at Letara, Mrs C Bell

Skye Terrier, Ch Partisky Precious Moment, Mr S Whincup

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Ch Fantasa Blonde Rufus, Ms S Withington

Spaniel (Clumber), Sh Ch Wymeswold Butterscott at Kirkara, Mr W, Mrs K & Miss S Kirkman

Spaniel (Field), Sh Ch Nadavin Yaden at Irisbel, Mrs S & Mr G Lewis and Mr D Adams

Spaniel (Irish Water), Ir Sh Ch Foulby Niamh at Leonardston, Mr D and Mrs A Smith

Spaniel (Welsh Springer), Sh Ch Bushwacker Something About Mary, Ms J Frost

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan), Ch Liebehund Jakku JW, Mrs J and Mr M Lovell