Getting canine events back on track: The Kennel Club seeks the views of competitors and other 'stakeholders' via online survey

In view of the Government’s recent announcement detailing the step-by-step roadmap plan to ease lockdown restrictions, The Kennel Club has today (March 2) launched an online survey to gauge the views of competitors and other ‘stakeholders’ such as judges, organisers of events, Young Kennel Club members, tradestand holders and spectators in relation to the prospect of the phased return of licensed events.

The survey, which is available on The Kennel Club website, is easy to follow and takes only a few minutes to complete. All responses are treated completely anonymously and the closing date for responding is March 19.

The questions include general ones surrounding the age, gender and location of respondents and then the line of enquiry becomes more specific as people are asked to select their own canine activity as well as their type of participation. Where a respondent has more than one canine activity and/or type of participation, it is possible to select multiple options.

From there, the questions centre around how soon after the easing of lockdown restrictions the respondent would wish to return to licensed events, if at all, and what sorts of show or trial would appeal the most. Respondents are also asked to select from a list those initiatives, to be supported and facilitated by The Kennel Club, which they feel would be helpful in the circumstances, e.g the publishing of the latest Covid-19 information prior to an event and the issuing of regular newsletter updates direct to exhibitors and competitors.

In order to gauge the views of the widest possible spectrum of those who participate in Kennel Club licensed events, the survey is also being publicised via the canine press as well as across The Kennel Club’s social media channels.

Kathryn Mansfield, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “With the Covid-19 vaccine rollout now well underway and the prospect of the relaxation of lockdown measures on the horizon, The Kennel Club would like to hear as many views as possible on getting events up and running and back to pre-pandemic levels, following a year which we know has been full of frustration for everyone who normally enjoys participating in Kennel Club licensed events.

“Please complete our short questionnaire and share your opinions on the opportunities and challenges ahead. We’d love to hear any ideas you have so that we can all work together to restore confidence and participation in canine events. Your views are more important than ever during this very challenging period for our shows and trials, so please have your say.”

Take the survey now.