Carried-forward breed club championship shows can now also be held as back-to-back events

Such shows must be held within 25-mile radius

Further to the announcement of 24 February 2021 that any carry over of 2021 CCs by breed clubs to 2022 must be scheduled as a partnership show and therefore share a venue, The Kennel Club has now agreed to give breed clubs the added option of holding their championship show as a ‘back-to-back’ event, either with another of their own shows, with another breed club catering for the same breed or with a general or group championship show, provided the two events are held within a 25-mile radius of one another.

As previously announced, any breed club which is on rotation and entitled to a set of CCs in 2021 and is unable to hold its championship show can make use of the CCs in 2022 within the same policies.

Two club shows for the same breed held as back-to-back events will often share a venue and be held on consecutive days, whereas a club show held back-to-back with a general or group championship show will not share a venue, but for this carry over option the two events can be held within a 25 mile radius of one another. This is all designed to help minimise costs for exhibitors and maximise entries for clubs and show societies.

Kathryn Mansfield, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “We are doing everything we can to agree to requests to change dates especially where CCs are being carried forward to next year, as stated in our last announcement.

“To mitigate the problems we are having in managing the show diary and to give clubs and societies every opportunity to hold their full complement of championship shows, it was first agreed that where a breed club had to postpone its 2021 championship show to 2022 this show must be held as a partnership show, so as not to take up an additional date in the diary. However, having received representations from clubs this proviso has been extended to give a second option of holding the carry over championship show as a back-to-back show as described above.

“We hope that this additional option will allow clubs to carry forward their cancelled championship shows without any undue detrimental effect on other clubs and show societies. Working together has to be the best way forward for everyone.”

Please direct all enquiries regarding changes to show dates to Society & Show Services