The Kennel Club Assured Breeders: update for the Italian Spinone

The Kennel Club has announced the most recent update to the breed-specific health testing and screening schedule for the Assured Breeders scheme (ABS), in relation to the Italian Spinone.

Following the recent closure of the Animal Health Trust, breeders of the Italian Spinone have been restricted in terms of suitable laboratories that are able to provide a DNA test for cerebellar ataxia (CA). As such, it has been agreed, following consultation with the Breed Health Coordinator on behalf of the breed clubs, that DNA testing for CA in the Italian Spinone be removed as an ABS requirement for this breed.

As previously, this most recent update comes into effect immediately. It will be reversed as soon as a suitable laboratory is available to provide this test for breeders.

The range of breed-specific health testing and screening requirements and recommendations under the ABS is regularly reviewed following consultations with breed clubs and councils and with the agreement and advice from The Kennel Club dog health group’s Assured Breeders scheme sub-group, in a collaborative effort to ensure that health and welfare issues are kept at the forefront of what the scheme sets out to achieve: the encouragement of responsible breeding.

The ABS guidelines emphasise the importance of conducting not only the required health tests but the recommended ones also. Results provide data which allow researchers to help develop a picture of how each breed is affected by particular diseases, and how best to improve the health of affected breeds and develop cheaper and faster testing methods.

Breed clubs and breed councils wishing to make changes to the breed specific requirements and recommendations for their breed should email the Canine Health & Welfare Team at

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