Capping of entries at shows during the pandemic

In order to make it easier for show societies to comply with government guidelines, especially social distancing, during the current pandemic, The Kennel Club Board following a recommendation from the Show Executive Committee (SEC) has agreed to relax show regulations to allow for the capping of entries, it has been announced.

Regulations F(4)a and F(4)b have been relaxed in the first instance until 31 July 2021 to allow entries to be capped.

Regulation F4.a.
Championship shows – which are open to all exhibitors (except where a qualification for entry has been approved by the Board of the Kennel Club) and at which Kennel Club Challenge Certificates are offered. (Vide Kennel Club Show Regulation F(1))

Regulation F4.b.
Open shows – which are open to all exhibitors. (Vide Kennel Club Show Regulation F(1))

In making the recommendation, the SEC pointed out that the capping of entries was not mandatory, but is an option along with other arrangements such as confirmed start times for breeds so that exhibitors do not have to wait around for their judging and can then leave the venue once their judging is complete. It should be noted that publication of schedules may need to be delayed to ensure the most up-to-date information is available including the method used for capping the entry.

The SEC also pointed out the following:

  • It is recommended that the cap be worked out based on a percentage of the breed’s entry at the previous year’s show. However, the method decided upon would be at the discretion of the show management and clearly publicised to exhibitors
  • Where societies make use of show printers which have provision to allow for capping, it is recommended to discuss this with the printer
  • Postal entries do not have to be accepted. If societies are not accepting postal entries the earliest published closing date should be used when considering class eligibility
  • At shows which host partnership shows, it may be necessary for the partnership show to also have a capped entry to ensure social distancing guidelines are complied with. Both societies should discuss this prior to the release of their show schedules

Kathryn Mansfield, The Kennel Club Secretary, said: “We live in extraordinary times which require extraordinary measures, which is why the show regulations surrounding the capping of entries at shows have been relaxed until midway through next year. It is very much hoped that societies will take a sensible approach to this relaxation, allowing people an enjoyable day out while keeping all participants safe, which of course is the main priority for us all.”

More information and FAQs are available on the Kennel Club website. Please go to the following page, scroll to the bottom and click on the ‘dog showing’ tab:

All queries from societies regarding the capping of entries should be directed via email to our breed shows team.