Guaranteed Championship shows from 2022 extended to clubs amalgamating in past five years

Following the announcement in September that clubs which amalgamate will be guaranteed a Championship show for a period of at least ten years, The Kennel Club has confirmed that the assurance will also apply for those clubs which have already amalgamated in the past five years.

The Kennel Club Board has confirmed that the guarantee of championship status for ten years will commence from 2022 for both those clubs which have already amalgamated and those which do so in the coming year or so.

The following breed clubs will be guaranteed championship status for at least ten years from 2022 (year of amalgamation in brackets):

  • Midland & Eastern Counties Welsh Corgi Club (2020)
  • South West Welsh Corgi Club (2019)
  • Pennines Bulldog Club (2019)
  • Sovereign Pekingese Association (2017)
  • Birmingham Invicta Pekingese Club (2016)
  • Pekingese Club of Scotland (2016)
  • Wales & West of England Pekingese Association (2016)
  • Imperial Pekingese Association (2015)
  • London Reform Pekingese Association (2015)

Since the initial announcement was made, The Kennel Club is pleased that clubs across several breeds and a breed council have made enquiries requesting further information regarding this initiative.

The Kennel Club has made the offer of a guaranteed Championship show for ten years from 2022 as an incentive for breed clubs to amalgamate where appropriate for the breed, as part of its continued effort to energise dog showing in the UK.

The allocation of Challenge Certificates within a number of breeds is currently affected by a complex rotation system among breed clubs, which will no longer feature under the planned new model for CC allocation from 2024 onwards, as was announced last month. The Kennel Club is holding initial talks in the coming fortnight with those breed clubs where the new allocation may not be clear-cut, to work together to find a way forward for the breed club allocation.

The Kennel Club understands that some long established clubs might be very reluctant to consider amalgamation due to their long histories, but an amalgamation will help preserve the club’s heritage instead of the club risking folding if their breed numbers continue to decline.

Breed club amalgamations have recently taken place in the two Welsh Corgi breeds, where four clubs have merged to become two. The Pembroke breed in particular has seen a reduction in show entries in recent years in contrast to the era when the breed had a very high profile due to its connection to the Royal family.

Joy Whitehead, Secretary of the Midland and Eastern Counties Welsh Corgi Club, said: “The Midland and Eastern Counties Welsh Corgi clubs’ proposed merger has very recently been confirmed and will take place after the Midland’s final championship show next spring, Covid allowing.

“Our merger was deemed necessary due to falling exhibitor numbers, difficulty in finding committee members and the possibility that a merged club may be allowed CCs each year. This was important in that, every champ show year clubs were noticeably in a better financial position than in years with no CC allocation due to better entries in the main. The fact that The Kennel Club have now confirmed the new CC allocation each year for merged clubs is most beneficial and must be an excellent reason for breed clubs to consider merging.

“Mergers are not that easy but, given due diligence, necessary meetings and common sense, should be within any two clubs’ capacity to accomplish. The Kennel Club will always help.”

Kathryn Mansfield, Kennel Club Secretary said: “We are pleased that clubs and councils across other breeds have taken the initiative in approaching The Kennel Club for guidance and information on how they might follow suit. We are keen to work together with those clubs which are considering amalgamation and we lend our full support to those that do, not least through the offer of guaranteed Championship status for at least ten years.

“This offer, along with the planned CC allocation model, are important developments for the future of dog showing and we hope that it will have a positive impact on the sport, its exhibitors and show societies."

For further information regarding the amalgamation process, please contact the Societies and Show Services department at the Kennel Club on 01296 318540 or email