Kennel Club launches videos to help owners and their four-legged friend 'get started'

The Kennel Club collaborates with Britain’s Got Talent winner Ashleigh Butler and other experienced Crufts competitors to create videos for owners who want to get active with their dog

With Crufts returning to Birmingham this week, the Kennel Club has unveiled a series of ‘Getting started in…’ videos, which show dog-lovers how they can get involved in a range of activities with their canine companion.

The interactive videos span agility – made up of various obstacles for your dog to run through, jump over, and weave in and out of alongside you; obedience – strengthening your teamwork and training; and heelwork to music – combining obedience, choreography and music.

Each video is narrated by a two-legged expert, with demonstrations from their four-legged teammate, including tips on how to get into the activity, what it takes to be successful and practical training advice.

Ashleigh Butler and her dog Pudsey won Britain’s Got Talent with their impressive heelwork to music routines, and are ambassadors for the benefits of canine activities and stars of the Kennel Club heelwork to music video.

Ashleigh commented: “I am so pleased to be working alongside the Kennel Club on this new project. Heelwork to music helps to create such a close and strong relationship between me and my dogs. We both love learning new tricks together and it really helps the dog to understand their body.

“If you are looking for a fun new activity that involves both you and your dog, that will create a strong bond between the two of you, I would highly recommend heel work to music.”

Anthony Clarke, Crufts Agility champion and Team GB competitor, is the host of the agility video. Anthony covers the basic principles of agility, including the list of obstacles that dogs have to overcome and gives those interested in starting in this high-speed, popular dog sport, tips on where to start and training advice important for success.

Anthony said: “The first thing is to find your nearest Kennel Club registered agility club, where you can find out more information and get a better understanding of what agility involves.

“Agility builds such a great bond between you and your dog, as well as keeping you both active. If you are debating giving it a go...100 per cent go for it!”

Voirrey Horne presents the obedience video, and competes at the highest level of the discipline all over the UK, including at Crufts, with her Border Collie, Isla.

She added: “Obedience is a fantastic way to form a great bond with your dog. Teaching them new things in training gives a real sense of achievement and most importantly you both have fun doing it! It’s a great way to meet new people and make lifelong friends sharing your love of dogs.”

The introductory videos can be watched on the Kennel Club’s YouTube channel: Showcasing the top level in all canine activities, Crufts returns to Birmingham from 5th – 8th March. Tickets are available at