Corresponding with the Kennel Club during Covid-19 outbreak

Clubs and societies are advised by the Kennel Club that, in order to assist in dealing with correspondence efficiently, it should preferably be sent to the Kennel Club by email rather than by post during the current Covid-19 outbreak.

Correspondence posted to the Kennel Club may result in a delayed response as the offices are currently closed, with staff working remotely.

In view of societies having their Annual General Meeting delayed, the Kennel Club will allow the late submission of annual returns depending on when meetings are able to be held.

With regard to the above matters, the Kennel Club will allow sufficient leeway and no penalties will be incurred as long as there is a realistic and reasonable approach all round.

For clubs and societies which use the Kennel Club’s scrutineering service and which have ballots currently running, the provision of results cannot be guaranteed until the situation surrounding the outbreak becomes more stable.

Any clubs and societies which have booked this service for ballots which have yet to begin should put these on hold for the time being or an alternative scrutineering method should be used in urgent cases, as the Kennel Club cannot guarantee the service at present.

For any queries relating to annual returns and show licensing, including cancellation and postponement, please email our SASS team.

Societies submitting correspondence relating to judges, including nominations and questionnaires for Challenge Certificate judges should, wherever possible, submit these via email to our breed shows team or to our WDA team for activity disciplines.

If this is not possible, these nominations will be dealt with once the Kennel Club offices are open for business as usual. Leeway will be granted if submissions are within the required 12-month period.

The Kennel Club thanks all clubs and societies for their patience and understanding during these difficult times.