The Kennel Club launches video to help owners and their four-legged friend ‘Get started’ in dog showing

Latest video in a series for owners who want to get active with their dog

He’s your best friend and really rather handsome, even if you have to admit you are slightly biased. You think your favourite canine companion has what it takes to compete at Crufts, but where do you begin?

The answer to this and other questions can be found in a new video, How to Get Started in Dog Showing, created by the Kennel Club as part of a series of ‘getting started’ films, which show dog lovers how they can get involved in a range of activities with their four-legged friend.

Other videos in the series, launched in March at Crufts, cover three additional canine activities: agility, obedience, and heelwork to music. These can be watched on The Kennel Club website.

The latest offering is presented by Charlotte-Louise Page, 26, and Alex Paisey, 33, who both grew up in the competitive world of dog shows, she with a penchant for Dalmatians and he with a passion for Deerhounds. They have handled a number of champions in the show ring, beginning in childhood, and progressed through the ‘ranks’ of the Kennel Club’s youth organisation, the Young Kennel Club (YKC), to the extent that they are both now committee members of large championship shows.

In the video, Charlotte-Louise and Alex give an outline of what dog shows are and offer a number of tips on how to prepare for your first show. Other areas covered include the paperwork which needs to be filled out in order to enter a show, and how to get your dog to stand and move for the judge. The different types and levels of show are also discussed, as well as how the ultimate award of Best in Show is arrived at.

Charlotte-Louise, whose many accolades include the YKC Young Person of the Year Award in 2016, commented: “I hope this taster film enables at least one person to take a look into the world of dog showing. It can be a fantastic place with so many opportunities and lifelong friends. Travelling to Japan a few years ago to train handlers for the show ring was something which definitely wouldn’t have been possible for me if I hadn’t taken part in this world. I absolutely love it.”

Alex, who has judged at Crufts and is now part of the show’s professional organising team, added: “The first thing is to find your nearest Kennel Club registered ringcraft club, where you can find out more information and get a better understanding of what dog showing involves. It builds such a great bond between you and your dog, and gives you a social activity which you can do together. Dog shows are full of people who all love dogs, and these shows are a great day out spent among friends who have a shared interest.”

The view the video, please visit Further information on how to get involved in dog showing can be found on The Kennel Club website in our Dog Showing section.

If you have any queries about getting involved in dog showing, the Kennel Club is here to help. Please direct all enquiries to us via email.