Imported Register breeds now eligible to compete in any variety and stakes classes

Such breeds can now achieve the Veteran Warrant award

In a move designed to encourage exhibitors of Imported Register breeds, The Kennel Club has announced that these breeds are now eligible to compete in any variety and stakes classes.

This follows in the wake of regulation changes which made the winner of Best AV Imported Register/Best AV Imported Register Puppy eligible to compete for Best in Group/Best Puppy in Group and Best in Show/Best Puppy in Show as relevant. This change was announced at the end of 2017 among a number of initiatives designed to invigorate the show scene.

Other new measures announced at the time included the Show Certificate of Excellence (ShCEx) and Veteran Warrant (VW) awards. A number of Imported Register breeds have already claimed the ShCEx award. However, up until now these breeds have been ineligible for the VW award, a situation which will now change as points gained by Imported Register breeds in AV veteran or veteran stakes classes will now count towards the award.

Exhibitors are asked to note that the latest regulation change, which comes into effect as of 1 January 2021, does not allow for Imported Register breeds to compete in AVNSC classes. This is because these breeds always have their own classification.

Kathryn Mansfield, The Kennel Club Secretary, said: “This latest regulation change is excellent news for the Imported Register breeds. Since the regulations were changed three years ago to allow these breeds to compete in Group and Best in Show competitions, we have already seen a Best in Show winner declared at a general championship show, so we know these breeds can hold their own against the very best. We trust that this latest initiative will offer further encouragement for exhibitors.”

New definitions of the Imported Breed Register, AV classes and AVNSC classes are as follows:

Imported Breed Register
For breeds confined to the Imported Breed Register and only when an interim breed standard has been published by The Kennel Club. Such breeds may be exhibited in this class with the Best Imported Register/Best Imported Register Puppy being eligible to compete for Best in Group/Best Puppy in Group or Best in Show/Best Puppy in Show as relevant. Such breeds may be entered into Imported Breed Register classes and/or any variety or stakes classes, with the exception of AVNSC classes, for which they are not eligible.

Any variety not separately classified
For breeds of dog for which no separate breed classes are scheduled. These classes are not open to breeds which only have an interim breed standard.

Any variety
A variety class is one in which more than one breed or variety of a breed with a breed standard can compete.

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