Meeting set to discuss way forward for JCF

The Kennel Club has announced that a meeting between the Independent Review Panel and the Kennel Club Board is to take place to discuss the way forward for the JCF.

This announcement comes in the wake of the Board meeting held on November 19 at which the recommendations of the review panel as well as the findings of the Kennel Club’s own survey on the JCF were both discussed.

“The Board welcomed both reports in which many areas of commonality could be found”, said Kennel Club Secretary Kathryn Mansfield. “The Board is confident that a strong and constructive recommendation will be forthcoming from this meeting of both groups.”

Representatives from the Board and the review panel, yet to be confirmed, will attend the meeting in December to compare the results of the findings and to reach conclusions on the implementation and delivery of the JCF. The output from this meeting will be considered at the January Board meeting.  

The review panel was formed as a result of a resolution passed at the Kennel Club AGM in May, endorsed by the Board, that the JCF be placed on hold pending a complete assessment of the scheme by an independent review body.

The Kennel Club’s own survey on the JCF was carried out by Vivid Interface Ltd in October following initial interviews of judges, exhibitors and officials at Richmond and Darlington championship shows in September.

The Kennel Club takes this opportunity to thank the almost 4,000 people who participated in the survey, details of which can be viewed in this presentation (please note the slides show the key headlines presented to the Board rather than the full datasets).

Further updates regarding the JCF will be issued in due course.