The Judges Competency Framework (JCF)

The Kennel Club Board, recognising the substantial support given by Members at the recent AGM to the proposal “that all aspects of the JCF’s planned phased introduction be put on hold whilst a complete assessment of the scheme is carried out by an independent review body”, has placed the planned implementation of the framework on immediate hold.

Whilst the implementation of the JCF remains on hold the traditional processes for approval of first-time appointments to judge breeds with Challenge Certificates, Groups and Best in Show will continue unchanged.

Many breed clubs have committed to activities including the holding of Breed Appreciation Days, providing mentoring opportunities and carrying out observations whilst judging. The Board recognises that these activities provide opportunities to gain further knowledge and understanding that will be of value to judges irrespective of the mechanisms by which approval to award Challenge Certificates etc. is ultimately attained. The advice to breed clubs is therefore that they continue with these activities should they be so minded.

The Board is committed to establishing a process to enable a complete assessment by an independent review body and input will be sought from the proposer as to how this can be delivered in a spirit of collaboration.

Furthermore, the Board recognises the need to respond in a timely and co-operative manner to which end further details will be announced following the July meeting of the Board.

Tony Allcock MBE, Kennel Club Chairman, said: “Whilst the Board is mindful of its obligation to acknowledge and respond to the concerns supported by the majority of Members who voted on the proposal, it nonetheless feels that the need to develop and transition to a framework that better facilitates the education, training and approval of judges remains an urgent priority.”

Please direct all enquiries by email to our JCF team.